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6mp/Imuran Experience


I was just wondering for the many people who have been on both drugs, which did you find had less side effects. While I know that everyone is different, I would love to hear experiences if people have switched from one to the other and which was better for them.

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I have been on both before.

With the 6MP I did well for about 5 weeks, and then the crap hit the fan. It made my liver and pancreas go nuts so I had to stop taking it.

Imuran- i had severe nausea and vomiting with it and had to stop it within a week. I guess my body just didn't know how to deal with either of them!
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I was on both. My previous gastro doctor prescribed me azathioprine. It took four months to work but I had no problem with it. However, that gastro doctor briefly left the practice and I let the prescription lapse. My present gastro doctor prescribed me 6mp because that was his personal preference. The 6mp took five months to work, but I had no problem with that either. I am presently on 6mp and Asacol and doing well.
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I just started taking 6mp so I may not be too much help. The only noticeable side effect I've noticed is that I do feel a little sleepy during the day. I'm blaming that 6mp because I'm still on a high dose of prednisone that usually makes me very energetic during the day. Since starting the new med, I've taken a nap when I lay my little ones down during the day. No nausea/vomiting or anything else. Hope this helps

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