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Fever after meal sign of flare??

I have been in remission since last March when I had a resection and temp. ileostomy. I haven't decided to have the takedown yet because I have felt so good and don't miss diarrhea at all!
I have been getting low fevers after meals lately. I have had this before when I was having a flare, but it always came with pain and diarrhea. Since I have the ostomy, watery output is normal for me, so I can't really have that as a symptom anymore. I don't have any sort of consistent pain and the stoma looks ok as far as I can tell. Is this something that I should call my GI about?
I may be overreacting, because it may just be a cold- I'm on azathioprine so I'm due for some sort of infection!
I was just wondering if anyone had any input.
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I have no real advice, but I was just reading on the parenting board and there is a lady with a young son who is having fevers after eating as well. When my daughter has fevers and is in a flare, she seems to have a fever for a few days. I would def give your dr a heads up. Good luck!
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It might be worth letting your GI know. At the very least, you might want to go to the GP and let them check you out (in case you are coming down with something).

I hope everything is alright!

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I agree you should mention it to your GP, and possibly have your bloods checked. Hopefully you are having that done anyway though as you are on Aza?

As for noticing a flare with a stoma, it can be harder! Pain, fever, night sweats, hot flushes etc are a good sign you are flaring. Oh, and add joint pain as well.

You may also notice you have more output, even more liquid, than normal.
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Fever and night sweats were some my symptoms as well. I had a low grade fever everyday after lunch at work. I lived with it for years not knowing what it was. Just recently I had a fever several days in a row and got freaked out thinking here I go again but it turned out to be a nasty little bug we've been passing around at work.

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