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Stomach bug= flare?

I am in the middle of suffering through the stomach bug going around now. Every time in the past when I've had a stomach bug, I've ended up in the ER due to dehydration, and most of them have led to an all-out flare in the end. Am I the only one who flares due to a tummy bug? Do you know anything to minimize the risk of post-bug flare?
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Same thing happened to me last year. Wish I knew a way to prevent.

Fingers crossed for you.
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I had one about a decade ago that ended up in a flare - eventually to surgery in my case as the flare never really stopped then. I had a really long history and lots of scar tissue, so hopefully yours will come under control quickly.
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Sorry you got the bug. Ughh, I am terrified of getting the stomach flu. All my intestinal issues started 2 years ago after I got it. I know the one that is going around now( norwalk virus) is suppose to be a very bad strain. I hope you feel better soon.....

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