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Infection of incision site post op? :(

So january 2nd I had an ileocecal resection and the healing process has been going great until last night that is. Almost all of the glue that was over the incision is gone now and I noticed that my incision site was a lot more red than usual and that it was draining clear fluid. I'm almost certain it is an infection so I made an appointment to see my doctor first thing tomorrow morning. I just wanted to know if anyone else had experienced an infection post op and how you had to treat the infection? Just when i was trying to reach my goal of no hospital visits for just a month -_- I have no luck i swear. Any advice/stories are greatly appreciated
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Hi mascarim. I did have an infection post op. I don't recall it weeping, it just burst open while I was vomiting. This was 7 days after surgery. My incision had to be cut back open and had to heal from the inside out by packing the wound with gauze twice a day. I'm sure they must have given me an antibiotic but I don't remember what as this was 14 years ago.

Glad you'll be seeing your doctor soon to at least have it get checked out. I know mine was red before the vomiting and fever set in. I'm gonna tag Afidz so she can share some other possible options as wound packing probably isn't used as often anymore.

Keep us posted.
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Hi Mascarium
I have had an infection after most of my surgeries so I know a thing or two about them.
If your skin is red and weeping fluid, you are correct there probably is an infection. Does it feel hot to you?
Every doctor treats infections differently, so I don't want to go into great detail just yet, let me know what your doctor says tomorrow, and I can go from there
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Hey Mascarium,
After my most recent surgery I had what was thought to be an infection was actually a fistula that took 6 months close. Packing, draining, cipro, flagyl and humira. But like afidz said every doctor and situation will be different. Smart to make an appointment. Good luck
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Good luck, mascarim

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Any word from the doctor?
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thank you guys! so i went to the doctor and since the area that was red and draining was very small she just wants me to keep an eye on it and apply a warm compress to it every night. so far so good as it doesnt look like its getting any worse. she thinks that it has to do with the fact my body is rejecting some of the dissolving stitches so instead of staying in and dissolving theyre popping out of the incision :/ so far there isnt a fever or anything just redness and slight drainage

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