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Integrative medicine

Has anyone been to an integrative medicine doctor for treatment? I am currently trying to schedule an appointment with one here in San Francisco, getting my medical records sent to him has been holding up the process, and I was wondering what to expect. I know that there are a lot of questionable alternative doctors out there who charge an arm and a leg for no effective treatment. My mom works with autistic children and we have seen a lot of her families get scammed. I have done a lot of research into the doctor I am going to and I have a very good feeling about him. I have also already talked to him on the phone.
I would love to hear what people have experienced. I am not sure how this will work out with my normal GI or if there are going to be conflicts about treatment. I am currently on 60mg of prednisone and trying to get financial aid for off label stellara- which I don't want to take but I need to get off the prednisone which is making me phsychotic. I have only been with this GI doctor since August and he is supposed to be one of the best but he is so high up in the research and everything that I feel like I am just one more case and not a person or even a patient in his world. I am leaning towards changing to a more routine GI doctor anyway. I just know that I want off of the prednisone and I don't really want to go on another medication ever again. After 13 years of medications my body just feels so toxic on top of the fact that my crohn's is flaring the worst it has since I was diagnosed. I am really hoping to find an alternative
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Is he board certified? Is he covered by insurance?

Usually two good indicators his specialty is on the up and up.


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