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Taking medicine (azathioprine) during Moviprep preparation

Hi all, having my first colonoscopy tomorrow - wish me luck.

I read somewhere that moviprep flushes everything out of the system. That being so, I usually take 150mg azathioprine before I go to bed (about 12.30am). I am starting moviprep at 6pm. Should I take my aza. as usual?

NB. In the past I have missed the occasional day's dose with no apparent ill effects - dr wasn't concerned as long as it was very occasional.
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Hi Spurs. I would go ahead and take your Aza as you normally do. I've had several colonoscopies, as an in and outpatient, and have never been told to do otherwise. Good luck with the prep and the test and let us know how the test goes.
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I agree with Grumbletum, go ahead and take it as normal, it may not stay in your system long, but, as you have missed doses before I don't think you will have a problem. If you are concerned about it you can call your doctor to see what he suggests. Good luck with the scope!!
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