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Grey Hawk
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Imurans effects on the hair

Had been on it for 6 years prior to surgery, then after I was off it for 8 months before going back on. During that 8 months, my hair was great, thicker + had a shine to it. I had forgotten what my hair looked like before this disease.

Now that I have been on it for a while again, my hair is thinner, individual hairs aren't as thick, and the color is blah.

Is there anything I can do? I heard biotin, but I'm not sure.

Can anyone explain why it even has effects on hair? This has me very upset.
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I used to have hair for five people. My hairdresser said. But now for the first time ever she cut it to create more volume. My hair is white not brown and I lose it by the handful. Alapecia is a side effects. But many drugs damage hair
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When i first took Imuran my hair was also falling out. I had also heard of Biotin but I never got any. I used thickening hair shampoo, Cod Liver Oil, Multivitamins and Ferrous Gluconate. Are you Iron deficient? because having low Iron levels can cause the hair and nails to become bad condition. When you next get your hair colored try using a 'quasi' or a 'demi' color its not as harsh as a permanent and it will fade out rather than grow out. Its a lot more conditioning and leaves your hair in a healthier/better condition.
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I've been on Imuran for almost 2 years, everyday I wonder what's happening to my hair. I run my fingers through it and it comes out in my hand. I've started wearing it up lately because it looks so bad left down, although I swear lately it looks like there are bare spots when it is up. I've heard that melting coconut oil and using it as conditioner can be really great for the hair but I have yet to try it.
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I've always had thin hair and haven't noticed a difference since starting Imuran. However, I did cut it short around the same time which I find helps alot with the volume, that and using product
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Hi there,

I have the same problem on Imuran. My doc said its a common side effect. My hair comes out in handfuls in the shower. My doc said brushing your hair with a soft brush and patting it dry after the shower can help. Tried all that, and it still seems to be coming out!
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I haven't noticed any effects on my hair being on Imuran

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Sarah hair seems to have improved since starting aza.
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Grey Hawk
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So no one has found a solution?
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My hair thinned very quickly initially, however, it now seems to be stable.

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