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Very Upset and have NO trust anymore!!

I am a bit upset lately, actually very upset. I have not been dx yet, but have had some tests which have not shown anything. Well here is thing. I was in the ER a little over a week ago and they did a CT scan and said they saw fibroid tumors in my uterus. ( I actually found this out for myself, the ER doc said the CT showed nothing!!! I found out after I read it myself! That alone pissed me off seeing as when I went into the ER I was complaining of severe pelvic/lower intestinal pains and have been having a slight pinkish vaginal discharge. Ummm HELLO, I think a findng of Possible uterine Fibroids would be considered something!

Ok well that is not where my only rant is. I had an MRE back in the end of October. Well my gyne that I have an upcoming appt. with next week was like, Oh, you have an MRE of the small bowel and pelvic area, well that would have been a good test to see the uterus so bring that in with you with your appt. SO, I go and get the copy of the report. Well, the idiot doctor who wrote the report and read the scan did NOT even comment on my uterus!!! So I called my doctor and she was looking at the report and was also shocked that it was not mentioned. She said they got the right splices on the MRE, I mean he mentioned the ovaries and all so they had to have seen the uterus! SO my nurse calls the hospital and gets a hold of this dcotor who wrote the report and tells him he has to re-read the report and re-write again, but this time to comment on the uterus. Nurse told me the doctor was all attitude but finally said ok, he would re-do it and get it back to her in a few days. Well that was last week. SO yesterday my nurse calls me and she is pissed. She said he sent over the report again, but it was the same exact report! Word for word! He did not re-do it at all!! It still did not mention my uterus!

So now I am wondering if he was even compatent enough to read my whole scan. Did he even read the rest of it correctly??? I am disgusted. I mean this MRE cost over $ 6000!!!!! I am sorry, that damn thing should have been read right and perfectly for that amount of money! I have had it. I mean there is NO way I can get another MRE. First off, My insurance would NEVER cover it, not when I had one just three months ago, and I would not subject myself through another one. I just do not trust any of these idiots that all themselves doctors anymore!!!! I have lost all faith. My husband is beyond pissed off. I mean when people go in for these scans it is usually because they are having an issue! You would think more care would go into reading these things correctly or at least they have someone who knows what they are doing reading them! I mean even when I was at the ER, the doc there negelcted to mention the Fibroid tumors to me! My doctor was disgusted. She said he absolutely should have reported Everything he seen on the scan, especially since I was in there for pelvic pain..

I honestly do not want to go to another doctor. They just do not give a shit about anything and half the time or more than half the time, they are wrong! They cannot even diagnose people right. I am so sickened by all this. No one should have to go through all this, no one. I mean why should I have to run back and fourth to the hospital and to my doctors having them call back and fourth to try and get this doctor to re-read my scan??? It should have been done right to begin with!

Thanks for listening,,.. I am just so mad.
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I don't blame you for being angry.

When my son was first sick we took him to the ER for stomach pain, fever, weight loss, blood in stool, and on and on. They tested him and said he was just skinny like his parents and sent us home. Two weeks later, once we got into a GI he was diagnosed with crohn's. All the signs were there when we went to the ER but the ER only focuses on keeping you from dying when you come in. They certainly knew something was off, because I later got the records. What made me the maddest was that they could have just said, 'We know your son does not have an immediate risk but we have noticed somethings are off and it warrants some further testing, we recommend you follow up with a Pediatric GI'. They certainly should be competent enough to have come to that conclusion. I don't know whether they feel they have to cover their butts or they just don't care but I find it to be borderline malpractice.

That being said, if you choose to not continue to seek a good doctor to work this out you will suffer for it. I will say that once we went to the GI things moved along very quickly and my son finally got the help he needed. It sounds like your GYNE is competent. As far as paying for that MRE I would fight it. I would call my insurance company and tell them that you were billed for a service that was incorrectly done and now has to be repeated.

Good luck, I am sorry you have been through all this. ((((((Hugs)))))))

And it helps your venting if you add lots of little stabby guys
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I'm so sorry lhurt that you had to go through all of this. It absolutely is frustrating, even more when you are still looking for a diagnosis.

I really hope you are able to get your test re-evaluated or your insurance will at least be willing to work something out with you seeing how the evaluation was not performed properly.

I hope everything works itself out for you soon.
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I hope everything works out soon, keep trying to find the best care you can, there are many bad but many good doctors too.
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Ask your gynecologist or family doctor to have the MRE images sent to another radiologist and have another reading done.
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I agree with 2thFairy! I would definitely get the scans and have them sent to another radiologist. And then I would write a letter to the hospital or facility where he works and cc everyone on the letter including the board members.

My last GI never told me I had a fatty liver and it came back on every CT scan report. The radiologists were giving him the information but he didn't give it to me. I found out I had high triglycerides when my blood became so thick they couldn't do any blood work on me. I had high cholesterol for a long time and he never said, "Hey, you need to check that out because you have a fatty liver." Instead, I found out when fat started depositing under my skin. The medical profession can be infuriating.
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Thanks for the replies everyone.

I do have a copy of the CD of the MRE. Maybe I will see if someone else will re-read it. I mean here is the issue, I had this MRE done in a different hospital from where my GI and gyne are located. You know how hospitals are, they do not like to use other hospitals tests and so fourth. But there is NO way I would re-do this test, No way. I cannot afford it. We have a HUGE deductible $2,500 and it is the new year so it all starts over! No way man, and my insurance would NEVER pay for another one. Hell, they denied this one until my doctors office had to be on the phone with them for 5 hours trying to convince them to ok the test!

But I dont see why I should re-do the test, I mean I have the CD with the images on it, there has got to be some doctor who can read it! Here is the thing, I need it right now in order for the gyne to read what the uterus looked like due to the gyne issue. Well now I am wondering if this A-hole who read and wrote this report even read the rest of it concerning my small bowel correctly. He said everything looked normal. But now how can I even trust his ability when he could not even properly read and write up everything???

You know, I have been sick for a long time with a mirad of health issues( 9 years now). I have been to many, many doctors, hell I was even at Mayo clinic and I have to say that I am not at all that impressed with the medical profession. I have seen some of the supposed BEST doctors here in Illinois and Chicago and they have turned out to be crappy! I watched my mom get screwed by these doctors when she found out she was dying of liver cancer. They dicked her around like crazy( sorry for the lauguage). But they did. My own dad who is now 68 years old refuses to even step foot in a doctors office after seeing what my mom went through with doctors and now what I have been going through. He said, No Thanks, I think I have a better fightin chance if I handle things myself!! And you know what, I CANT even argue with that, he is RIGHT!!!!

I am sorry if I sound bitter or negative, but I am just tired of fighting this fight. I mean is it right that I have to run around going to the hospitals and constantly calling them to right a mistake that they did wrong??? This is their Job, not mine! They are the ones getting paid and BIG $$$ at that! I dont know.

I mean I have a good Primary care doc and My gastro doc seems pretty nice. Really the only test I need to get yet is colonoscopy and both my Gastro and my primary care docs are saying it would not be the best idea seeing as how bad I reacted to the MRE and due to all my other health issues. Well now all the gyne crap came up and now I dont know how much of this is gyne related. I mean I am not even sure if gyne issues can cause intestinal issues. I am also scared that something is bad wrong gyne wise. I mean this jerk who read the MRE wrong told my nurse that he only commented on whatever was there than he seen. Well My nurse said even , he should have noted the uterus saying " so and so was found " or" that the uterus was unremarkable". I mean he should have commented on it. Now I am wondering if maybe there was nothing in the uterus at that time, but still he should have commented on it. But if that is the case and less than three months later there is a 5cm fibroid tumor in my uterus, well that does not look too good if something can grow in that short period of time! Normal fibroids do not usually grow that fast, at least that is what I was told. Do you think this guy maybe did see something and just forgot to note it in the reoport and now that my nurse called him on it, he is scared figuring he better not say anything now as it is three months later???

Sorry for the whole book I just wrote, I am just so fed up right now.

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