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Pediatric Rectal Abscesses Linked to Crohn's?

Hi everyone! Quick question. So, I was doing some pondering on my daughter, who as I have detailed before has GI issues. I myself was diagnosed with LC in November. Out of nowhere it hits me that her father had a rectal abscess as a child that he had to have surgery on. He was (and still is) too embarrassed to talk about it, so I verified it with his sister who is 10 years older than he. I asked her if they knew why he developed it, and she said "due to poor diet and being overweight". Which.... I don't really believe.

So, among the information that I can find online, among older children, it is rare to find these abscesses among children who are not either immunocompromised or suffering from some sort of IBD. Can Crohns present as only one isolated abscess?

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Hi. I'm afraid I have no idea as far as abscesses go. But, I do know that yesterday I had a Flexible Sig procedure in which they said that my rectal area is inflammed. I'm being treated for Proctitis. Here is a website on what I've got if that might help any. It might also be helpful to keep tract of her symptoms for when you talk with the doctor or someone to help her. Good luck.
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I have no idea what the rate would be with no other serious disease either. I'm sure it happens, but have no idea what it is. I'm responding to bump this up in case anyone else knows.
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