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MRI tomorrow, what to expect?

I'm having an MRI tomorrow, I haven't had one before and not sure what to expect.
The imaging dept wasn't clear on the instructions, they told me no food 6 hrs before, but they never said anything about fluids, I'm assuming fluids are okay?
Also, do they make you drink a solution or do they inject it like with a CT?
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When I had one liquids were ok up to 2 hours before.
As you say no food for 6 , its important to be strict about this as they will send you away if you have eaten.
I had to drink quite alot of thick sweet tasting stuff (they called contrast) and they did an injection half way through.
There was alot of holding your breath for so many seconds then relax. They talk you through it and its not hard to do.

But this was in the UK so it might be different, good luck .
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My sons had 3 MREs and they were pretty much the same as above. No food, I'm not sure abt drinking before??, had to drink the contrast and had an iv injection. The machine can be very loud so don't let it startle you . Try not to move so as to not blur the images.
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check out this link for the MRI

I got told no fluids 4hrs before (IIRC). I wasnt allowed to eat 24hrs before either. If it doesnt say then assume its ok I guess.
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No contrast here. Just two glasses of water and it took about 30-40 minutes
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each one ive had, was as everyone else said, no food 6 hours before, but i was fine to drink clear fluids before

i then had to drink 2 large jugs of contrast, which tasted rather nasty before it, even though it was mixed with orange squash, then they injected busopan just as i went into the MRI machine to relax the bowel

best advice is to drink as much of the contrast as you can, and stay very still in the machine so they can get good images, you dont want to have to do it twice.

there not too bad at all, the worst part is the contrast

i hope it goes well for you

EDIT: i just noticed you posted this yesterday so you have probably had it by now! sorry!
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It wasn't so bad. I had to drink 2L of some Metamucil type stuff over 2 hours.
They took a bunch of images, then injected buscopan, then took some more, then injected the dye and took more. The Metamucil set off my intestinal pain that had been doing better, but otherwise it was okay.

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