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I have a few questions!

Firstly, may seem stupid. When you have a colonoscopy will your GI see stricturing? I always assumed they would, but they inflate you full of air lol!

My other question is, do you ever suspect you have something else going on?
My bowels can be as normal as I can expect as formed as I've seen in years, once maybe twice a day (I can sometimes suffer constipation) the only gripe I have is my hemorrhoid, but that'll play up regardless.
But while all that seems normal;
my energy levels are through the floor and ways into the basements.
Joint paiiiin
Pins and needles
And I get SO much pain on my upper left side (under ribs) to the point i take pain pills for it

I know they're crohns symptoms but my bowels seem fine my inflammation markers are 'fairly good' whatever that means. When does it get to the poin where you tell someone all the lil details and hope there's a simple solution?
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Hi Novice!
There is no dumb questions, the best thing we can do to help ourselves is ask questions and learn
Although the intestines are inflated, they would still be able to see any stricturing. They don't put that much air, just enough to see a little better and move through a little better.
I would discuss all of your symptoms with your GI or GP, if you feel like there is something else going on, its best to address it now then wait for it to become a big problem later.
Hope this helps!
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I agree with afidz, even if you are unsure if things are related or not, its good for the doctor to see the whole picture.
Have you had any bloods taken recently?
The headaches and tiredness could be linked to some deficiencies.
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