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VSL probiotics, my opinion.

i have used the sachet version 2x and they made me feel great, dont recall much effect on my actual bms tho, they already looked decent.

last 2x i have used the capsule version, one time causing headaches and feeling sick, and the most recent time, no headaches but slightly sick feeling, and no percievable increase in well being.

they also eliminated the cheaper 10 pack, which was very affordable for anyone who wanted to try their brand. now they only have the capsule version which apprently something is wrong with their production or something, and a more expensive 30 pack. I actually called to tell them my experiances, and ask for a refund, but no refund and it sounded like they didnt believe me and they just didnt care. So unfortunatly, the company sucks from all concievable areas!!!!
Also, when i went to buy my last bottle of vsl capsules, they jacked the price up an extra $20.00. Their arrogant attitude is present in their business practices AND when you talk to them over the phone.

if you ever were going to take a probiotic, i would recommend renew life ultimate flora.

or even lifeway brand kefir, which is fermented 16 hours instead of the standard 4 for yogurt, so the bacterial counts are very high, and also contain much more lactic acid then standard yogurt, and they put multiple strains of probiotics in it as well, and much less lactose then yogurt.

anything,ANYTHING.. instead of vsl#3, might be a better investment of your money.

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I bought VSL a couple of years ago and each time I took it I broke out in hives. I had to throw it away.
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That is something I was thinking of adding to my supplement list, a probiotic. I've tried different ones in the past, but with little luck. Most seemed to not have an effect for me, but recall two causing some trouble. One seemed to slightly upset the gut. Another, oddly turned me ghostly white in appearance.

I'll give the Ultimate Flora a try. I've seen that for sale at the health store I visit in the freezer section.

I was also thinking of trying a vegetable fermentation method to obtain probiotics. I haven't purchased the book yet, but once do was thinking of trying the ideas mentioned in it.

"Gut and Psychology Syndrome [Paperback]"
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Picked up a packet of Ultimate Flora today. I'm going to begin taking it Friday. Have an important appointment tomorrow morning, and thought in case of a bad reaction, thought to wait a day.

Saw a very interesting article about the importance of a healthy gut flora this morning on Robb Wolf's sight. It was on a study looking at how gut microbes can influence inflammation and surprisingly developing diabetes.

"Gut bacteria may strongly influence inflammation, obesity, and diabetes"

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