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Non Opiate Pain Painkillers - any recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a non-opiate painkiller? Did your Doctor prescribe this to you? What are your experiences with it?

I am looking at pain relief for flare ups.
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Hello gers1980, I had asked a similar question recently. My doctor does not want to give me opiate pain killers however, right now tylenol with codeine is the only thing that relieves majority of my pain. I have tried dicyclomine but that does nothing. Some people suggest asking about tramacet or lesvin. I have yet to ask my doctor about these. Good luck with your finds!
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I had being trying to get my doctors to prescribe me something for the pain for almost four years without any success. The reason for not allowing me opiates / opioids is that it could lead to constipation that could bring on or worsen a flare. The only thing they could say is paracetamol (acetaminophen) which is totally useless for this sort of pain.

Luckily though, as relationships have been built between myself and the doctors & nurses, I have recently been allowed to use cocodamol (which I believe is the same as tylenol with codeine. This is the 30mg/500mg version.

All I can say is I wish they had given it to me sooner. Not only has it helped ease the pain, my BMs are more regular and less, erm, messy. I have feeling the best I have in years - and the fact that I'm not on steroids is a bonus.

Admittedly, I only have mild to moderate symptoms, so I am not sure if a worse condition would have as good results. If my experience is anything to go by though, I wish this sort of management was offered as an option in the past instead of going to the more nasty drugs!
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Mary Jane, best painkiller, helps the stomach so much I can't begin to describe
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My Dr. prescribes Tramadol for pain. I had never heard of it before. It works ok.
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I've had good luck with hyoscyamine. Tramadol works sometimes, but can be habit forming.

You have to be very very careful with opiates. Not only are they physiologically addictive, but they can extend your flares, possibly even prevent you from making it into remission, because of their effects on peristalsis. They can also magnify Crohn's related fatigue and depression. There are a lot of cons.

Just be careful.

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