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Hi all,

I'm really, really having trouble with flatulence at the moment.

I've been eating nuts as a healthy (ish) snack but I'm not sure if they're the cause of my chronic wind.

My stomach sounds like an industrial processing plant and I'm killing the ozone layer single handedly!

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For awhile I used to believe I could be America's answer for providing our nations natural gas needs! Glad my services are no longer needed. Many new NG finds have occurred out west.

Avoiding nuts and wheat is what helped cut my flatulence issues significantly. I rarely let loose anymore.
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I had a horrible feeling nuts would be joining my "no longer able to eat" list.

Thanks Beach. Glad it's not only me.
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The typical offenders are dairy, certain vegetables and sugar. I don't think nuts would contribute.
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I fall into the same category as Beach. Nuts are on my no-can-do list BUT peanut butter is definitely on my can-do list! Hopefully you can find an alternative such as peanut or almond butter. It isn't the salty goodness of cashews or pistachoes but it is at least something, right? All the best.
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I didn't have any nuts yesterday and I was much better. Cut out at least 2 trips to the loo. That was flavoured peanuts. Today I may experiment with roasted pistachio nuts and see what happens.

Thanks for your replies and help guys. It means a lot. x

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