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Working out on Prednisone

I find it hard to work out while on pred I just don't have energy is that normal and even before when I was in a flare I didn't want to work out but I want to get back in to shape
Any advice?
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Unfortunately it's pretty normal. Many of us are like vegetables on pred. If you are able to do a little go for it. I don't think it will help get rid of the moon face though. That's as long as the steroid is in the body.
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Prednisone seems to effect different people differently. Some it gives energy, and strips it from others.

Only advice I can offer is to start slow and gentle, for very short periods. You don't have to exercise for an hour solid. Maybe 15 minutes of morning yoga, 10 minutes of Pilates in the afternoon, followed by a 20 minute walk in the evening. After a couple weeks, add another 10 minute session or or lengthen your workout sessions by 5-10 minutes.

I have a DVD that provides 7 different types of 10 minute workouts for when I have a few extra minutes.

best of luck!
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Sorry to hear that. I'm the opposite, I have tons of energy while on Prednisone. I get like 4hrs of sleep a night and don't get tired at all.
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If you want to avoid the moon face, cut down on sodium. Also, with working out when my son played basketball on Pred his heart rate when crazy. We had him checked out, everything was fine but it scared him into nearly a panic attack the first time it happened. I think as long as you know it is a possible side effect it is easier to deal with.

He did sleep much better when he could get some exercise.
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My son worked out by doing pushups and situps while on Pred (no weights at all). He was able to gain back all of the muscle mass he had lost over the previous 4 months. I would say stay very hydrated and watch out for muscle cramps and strains
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I am just going to focus on getting better then working on losing the weight when I have the engry thank you everyone

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