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Azathioprine and elevated liver enzymes

My son is on 150 mg of Azathioprine. He had bloodwork done last week and when I called to hear from it they said that his liver enzymes were a little elevated and wanted to do more bloodwork. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what was the outcome? Does his medicine just need to be changed? Thanks!

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It is a fairly common problem. My son required many adjustments in medication until we found the right level. When his liver enzymes got too high his GI cut his dose in half and added allopurinol. It is good that your Dr. is on top of this and checking his blood levels, it might take a while to work out but chances are they will and he will be able to stay on his current medication.
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I have never had a problem with liver function. However, this does happen to some people on Azathioprine and 6mp. Generally, when this happens, the doctor reduces the azathioprine dosage. If your son is comfortable on the lower dose, the doctor will keep him at the lower level.
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Out of the hundreds of times I've had blood work done, only once was mine elevated. They repeated the test a few weeks later and all was back to normal.

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