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Switching from Pentasa to Entocort??

So I've been on Pentasa for years. Last year I finally had my first surgery and basically have no issues at this time, so I have just been on Pentasa 4 pills 3 times a day. I am changing my insurance and can no longer afford pentasa, it's $800 a month So I called my dr and asked for a different option and he sent a prescription of entocort 3 mg 2 pills a day to the pharmacy for me. So I have been researching this drug and see that it is a steroid and I am soo nervous to use it! I specifically asked my dr on the phone if it was an immune suppresant and he said no, but with research I see that it is. My question is, is this drug worth taking when I am having no issues at all at the moment? And can you even take this drug long term? Online says you can not?? I also asked my dr if this is one of the more "hard core" drugs and he said it is not, that its a topical med just like pentasa. Is it really? I'm just so nervous to switch to this drug just because the pentasa is so darn expensive. I am also new to this dr and am not quite sure yet if I trust his judgement.
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Hello Jenz,

After my flare up November 2011, I was put on a three month prescription of Entrcort. I took three pills for two months, two for two weeks and one for the final two weeks. This drug is a glucocorticoid steroid and you are right, it is an immune suppresant. I was given a choice between two steroids and chose this one because of the minimal side effects. And luckily for me, the only one I felt was an insatiable appetite! It was around Christmas and I had a flare up a month earlier in which I dropped 15 pounds in a week so the appetite was very welcomed! I also noticed I could eat things that I couldn't before with little to no effect.

As for taking it long term, this is something I am not sure of. I can't post a link yet but I googled "entocort long term" and the first link that came up was for healingwell's forum with a question very similar to yours. One poster (second of the thread) said that "I have been on Entocort almost 2 yrs with no usual steroid problems. Remember 95% goes straight into the small bowel. As my gi put it to me, its a steroid to take that does not have all the bad crap that comes with steroid use."

I'm not sure how much it is there but for me, the three months worth (201 pills) cost $450 and I don't have medication coverage. But it was much better than the alternative, even if the alternative was 75% cheaper.

I really hope this helps, best of luck.

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