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Feeling stuck

I always try to keep up with everything (eating right, exercise, etc., etc.) and then I find myself frozen. Its like I can't get myself to do anything. The minute I have a flare I just freeze. I freak out and think I'm going to lose all the weight again, end up in the hospital, etc. I just want to give up, so I start eating less which is the very thing I try to avoid. Its hard to pull myself together and keep moving. I'm always trying to figure out how to prevent myself from spiraling downhill, both mentally and physically. Can anyone relate?
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Sorry you're going through this, but I can relate. When I am very sick, I often feel like I just want to give up. I know depression is frequently a "side effect" of a chronic illness. I hope you can figure out some good coping techniques. I know for me, my son helps me not give up, because I don't want to give up on him.
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Depression, or even precursors to clinical depression like the feelings of hopelessness and isolation are frequently associated with flares. It is the most vulnerable time for many of us, and feeling worse physically makes us feel worse mentally. That means doing fewer things that we enjoy, which makes both worse.

You already have noted that you eat less just when you need to keep your weight up, so you are already noticing the patterns. Keep strong, do what you can (even a little bit of normal helps), and know that there are lots of people on this forum who understand what you are feeling.
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Perhaps when you are feeling this way you could find a food treat (that wont bother your gut) that you can let yourself eat. It is likely to have more calories than you would want to eat all the time, which could help keep some weight on you if you think you are starting to lose weight. Also, sometimes letting yourself have a treat can be a way of taking care of yourself. I know that rewarding oneself with food isn't ideal...but if you are feeling sad, and it helps you feel a bit better, go for it!

Take good care of yourself,

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