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Endoscopy on Thursday?

Hello everyone!
I have my first endoscopy coming up this Thursday and I'm kind of nervous about it...I've never had anything like this done before, so perhaps I could get a little support and reassurance?

I've heard people say that their throat hurts a few days after the procedure, and that sometimes the sedative doesn't help much. I'm a little concerned and just want the whole procedure to go smoothly.

What all can I expect from the endoscopy?

Thanks! (:
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Hi Everly,

I've got one next week,

I've had a few now and on the whole they are not too bad. I know we are all different and the staff that do it can have an impact, but from my experience there should be no issues. Also the type of meds you have will influence the outcome, last time I just had the local spray at the back of the throat, was a bit more uncomfortable but worth it in the end.

A little discomfort when it passes down the throat, may cause some gagging, that was it for me.

As I say we are all different, I hope yours goes ok. Its worth it in the long run no matter what, so try and stay positive.

Good luck and best wishes. Keep us posted with how it goes.


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You should have a good anethesiologist, who will make sure you are comfortable. The throat irritation will be more like you choked on a life saver...feels something was there, but it no longer there. Should not be pain like a sore throat, only feels a little irritated. I found the Oberweiss chocolate shake to help numb the throat. No big deal, but like they said above, we are all different.
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I have only had one, but I don't remember thinking anything of it. I was given a mild sedative and didn't wake up too early. I don't think that my throat hurt at all, but it was a few years ago, so my memory is a little unclear. I am sure all will be good in the end, let us know how it goes!
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I've had a couple myself. The last one I think was a year or two ago and I did just fine. Was pretty tired afterwards though. Didn't take terribly long for my throat to stop hurting. Maybe a day or two at the most. Let me know if you have any questions & I'll try to answer for you. Good luck.
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I had one and it was easy as tests go.

They numb your throat with a spray so it won't hurt. I didn't have any issues with a sore throat afterwards either - I had no after effects at all.

They did have a sedating aneasthetic on stand by in case I paniced, but that didn't happen.

I think if you are ok going to the dentist, it's a bit like that - someone leaning over you sticking things in your mouth! You do gag a lot and it's quite uncomfortable. A nurse stood and talked reassuringly to me and told me that if it got too uncomfortable I should squeeze her hand to let her know since you can't speak whilst it's being done. They take biopsies which you feel as little pricks in your stomach.

After it's done you can carry on your day as normal. Good luck!
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I would almost go as far as saying I enjoyed mine, apart from the numbing spray which tastes like rotten bananas, but once you get over the taste, which you soon do because everythings numb its not bad at all! I found it kind of relaxing.. but i did also have morphine in me for a colonoscopy afterwards

no sore throat either, i think the trick is to just make sure you swallow as much of the spray as possible

good luck!
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I had my first one in December, and it wasn't bad at all! I'm usually a huge baby, I still use numbing cream for blood tests. The worst part was probably the taste of the numbing spray-although that goes away pretty quickly. It feels weird to swallow for a minute until you get used to the numbness in your throat. I was sedated since they were doing an endoscopy and a colonoscopy, and I don't remember a thing! It was extremely easy!
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Good luck for Thursday!!

My daughter has had a couple of endoscopies, and doesn't really remember much about them. She had a little bit of a croaky voice and sore throat afterwards, but really nothing major. You'll be fine


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