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Please help me with biopsy results

Hi, I'm new here so please bear with me!!

I am in the UK and have been having bloody, mucosal diarrhoea since December last year. I have been off work for nearly two months and the pain is escalating and getting worse and worse week by week. It is now so bad that I have been prescribed codeine and oramorph. My lack of treatment so far has been REALLY frustrating and I have found the docs very dismissive. I was told that they suspected I had colitis following infection. But since then my stool sample have come back negative for infection and now sign of infection in bloods. I have finally got my hands on my biopsy results from the Colonoscopy I had on 18th Jan (Diarrhoea and pain had got worse since then) and I am seeing my consultant (finally) in 2 days (13th Feb). Please can someone explain these biopsy results to me so I can at least be prepared for seeing doc as I really do not have ANY faith in him due to my non treatment and lack of diagnosis so far:

1= Right Colon - Five biopsies up to 2mm maximum dimension

2= Distal Transverse - Five biopsies up to 3mm in maximum dimension

3= Left colon - Three biopsies up to 4 mm in maximum dimension

Microscopial examination: 1-3 These are large bowel mucosal biopsies showing preserved crypt architecture. There is increased chronic infammatory cell infiltrate in the lamina propria composed mostly of plasma cells, lymphocytes and eosinophils. There is no definitive active inflammation. However the eosinophils appear to be slightly increased in the lamina propria.

No intraluminal micro-organisms are demonstrated.

4. Rectal polyp - polypoid biopsy 4 mm in maximum dimension.

Microscopial examination: This is an inflamed large bowel hyperplastic polyp. There is focal areas of acute inflammation and cryptitis.

There is no evidence of dysplasia or malignancy.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hiya i totally understand your frustration with NHS lack of care! the only thing i could work out from the biopsy result was no inflammation in areas 1/2/3 and a polyp in 4 - im sure you figured this out already though. someone who understands all the big words Will be along soon though im sure. failing that Google it and ask the doc to go through it in depth with you on the 13th. good luck!!
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Sorry Nicky I have no idea but it does sound like there is inflammation but what is causing it is not clear. i guess your doctor will give you more info. I often google words in tests I don't understand so that I'm a bit clearer when the doctor talks about it. Sorry I can't hep more.

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For the biopsied areas: No dysplasia means no precancerous cells. No malignancy means no cancer.
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--Hi Nicky
The good thing is that no evidence of cancer in the biopsies.
Dysplasia means early cancerous changes and malignancy means cancer cells present. You do not have evidence of either of these which means no cancer cells seen.
Inflammation is present in the lamina propria---this is part of the moist lining of the mucous membrane of the bowel.
Inflamed large bowel and the cryptitis can be found in Crohn's disease .It may also be in other inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD).
The GI specialist will give you an interpretation of these results but make sure to ask.
I would be inclined to ask directly whether or not it is Crohn's disease if this is one of your fears..
The number of biopsies is very good and it means someone has done the work correctly.
Hope this helps you
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes

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Thank you all so much for your posts. I see the Gastroenterologist tomorrow and I have made a list of questions that I am going to ask. I really do appreciate all the information and words of support that you have offered. I have felt so frustrated and alone throughout this whole experience, so hearing from people who have some understanding of what I am experiencing is brilliant.

I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Thanks again,

Nicky xxxxxxxxx
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hi Nicky,

I'm new too, dx'd last Nov. I hope your appt goes well today and that you finally get some understanding of what is going on. Good luck today.

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