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Hubby in Hospital

I spent 7 hours in the ER on Wed. nite?..Idon't remember all my days have since ran My hubby had the belly bug.
He had passed out three times, of course while I was gone...nothing exciting happens when I stay home. He slept all day...he's third shift. So around 10 p.m. he wanted to go to the ER. I don't mind but my kids are used to going to bed by 12 mid. My mom..the only one able to watch my 3 year old is an hour away. She came to hosp. and took her home at 2 a.m. Of course she couldn't take my 3 month old with her because I nurse him,although it has its advantages.
After no answers and me with no sleep...we came home. My son left me sleep for 20 min. before beginning his bright and cheery
Hubby got better and I got four hours sleep over the last 2 days..yawn.
Now I got the flu along with
Could be worse.
Thanks for listening.
Just needed to gripe to someone
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Awwwe Molly, sorry to hear things are going so rough with you. Hopefully some good rest (I know, difficult with young ones...) all will be ok. Hang in there.

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Hey LadyB,

sorry to hear about your husband, hope he is ok now....

your life sounds wonderful to me, I would give anything to have children of my own someday, unfortunately thats not going to happen for me anytime soon.. So, how many kids do you have? I gather you have a 3 year old, and a 3 month old, what are their names?

well anyway that sounds so wonderful, hope things go better for you soon.

God bless...
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Oh bless you Molly what a nightmare!! Hopefully all will be ok now.... it will certainly seem a lot brighter once you manage to catch some sleep (I know, if only!!)

Hope you feel better soon xxx
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hope you manged to find some sleep today Molly! and hope you and your husband are both feeling better. the flu is no fun, thats for sure.
be well.
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I will keep him in prayer MOLLY & do get your rest !!
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Many Blessing Lady, better and brighter days ahead for you and your husband. Lots of love.
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Hopefully you can now get some sleep and things will turn around and get better. It sure sounds like quite the scare, but hopefully things will now improve.
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Thanks everyone for the words.
Managed to get some sleep, my mom took my 3 yr old, Bits, for the night....
Her real name is Elizabeth, Bits is just a nickname because she is so itty bitty like her mom.
Elijah, my 3 mo. old slept pretty well for me..miracles
Annyway, today my head is screwed on right and hubby is a-ok
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hehe, awww, my mom still calls my sister "kimi poo poo" for some belch she had while she was at the grocery store with my dad when she was 2.. THe people around him all thought it was my dad because it was so loud. hehe wished I had been there, that woulda been so funny but yeah to this day my parents still call her that and she's 31 now. hehe
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good to here that all is looking up for you
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Fantastic news Molly that everything is getting back to brilliant again.
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Good to here things are on the up

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