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Pelvic lymph nodes!!! :(

Hello, hope you are well.
Sorry i am not sure if this is the right place i cant think well! I am losing it here
I did an MRI Pelvis today and when i read the report there
wass a line that said something about musle inhancement in the lower rectum and "enlarged pelvic lymph nodes" !!!
I have alot of fistulas in that area. Does that mean Cancer????!!
I take warfarin, imurn and infliximab?
I Emailed all of my docters. Any one has any informations? I only have you guys.
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Hi Badr, with all of those fistulas I would be thinking more infection than cancer. The nodes are the first line of protection against infection. Are they doing bloods and a follow up scope?Ron.
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People tend to overreact the first time they hear about lymph nodes.

Ron already said it, lymph node are highly active during infections. Dendritic cells will catch the invader, they become APC (presentors of the bacteria / antigen), they use the lymphatic system to travel to the lymph node many times up and down, until a T cell responds and you get thickened lymph node.

What I do think is that if you are worried, I would really discuss if it is needed that you take imuran together with infliximab, this should only be done if really needed.
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I've had enlarged pelvic lymph nodes with abscesses in my abdomen. No cancer. . As Kiny and Ron said any infection in this area could cause enlarged lymph nodes so I wouldn't worry, its most likely your fistulas causing them.

you name it, i've tried and failed it! currently on- waiting to see whats new and reducing pred
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A friend of mine had enlarged pelvic lymph nodes when he had shingles. I wouldn't jump straight to the cancer conclusion. Hope they figure it out soon.
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Have you had any blood work done?

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