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Capsule Endo???

Hello Everyone, well I went to the GI doc on Tuesday he has decided I need to have a capsule Endoscopy done on Feb 20th. Just wondering how successful these are.sorry I'm so clueless. He also put me on Levsin. Just wondering h but sow well it works.its only been 2 days so far I don't notice much relief. Thanks for any suggestions.
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They are pretty accurate and reliable from what I understand and certainly convenient.
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I had one several years ago. Very easy and I thought the pictures were great. I really was happy to have this since a colonoscopy does not go up far enough to view the small intestine. It ends where my resection is and I always worry the disease may recur up higher. A great alternative to barium studies where you have to drink all that awful stuff. I see GI Doc at a big University Hospital in Philadelphia. He is the head of the GI division. I do not think he would use it unless it was reliable.

I have also taken Levsin in the past. I loved it. It really helps with the cramping. It can make you tired though so be careful when you take it. And never mix with alcohol. I had the kind you put under your tongue (sub lingual??). Sometimes if I ate when I was out I would take it right after to prevent cramping and hopefully save myself a trip to the bathroom until after I got home. I am sort of a lightweight when it comes to pain meds too and sometimes taking this made me drowsy enough to get some rest or even sleep though the night when I was waking up in pain.

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