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Core Exersizes After Laparotomy? (photos!)

I'm a 23 year old female who recently had a resectioning in September. Prior to my surgery, I always had a very strong and flat stomach. My core was very strong and assisted me in lifting any sort of weight.

Over the last month or so, I've finally been able to start working out my core. While I don't expierience any sort of pain around my scar (yay!) I'm wondering if any one else had problems with the area around their scar being somewhat indented?

The top portion of my mid line incision healed sort of caved in, and is giving my stomach a sore of "groove" and pushing the sides out a bit. I'm not a fan, and I'm just wondering is this something time/working out will eventually flatten?

Or were my muscles cut during the operation?

It's much more apparent IRL. Thanks for looking!
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i think they don't cut the rectus abdominis muscle, they separate along the fibres of the muscle. They stretch it way open so it will take a while to even out.
great scar
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Mine is very grooved I had a lap in September too and then reopened in January for the ileostomy reversal. All you can do is work it, my friend said he never got his abs back to the way they used to be preop.

I did physical therapy after my first surgery and will be doing it again once I'm released by my surgeon to do so because I have to be strong for my job. I'm hoping mine flattens too. I've posted pics of mine in the stoma forum.
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I had the same thing as you, but in June. Mines flattened out now, I'd take pics but I'm bloated and my camera doesn't have a cable for it.

I'd give it a bit longer and it should flatten out a bit. I don't think ab exercises will help with it, but I could be wrong.

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