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Liver biopsy - risky or not?

I'm headed for surgery. My gi is proposing having a liver biopsy during surgery due to what was a temporary slightly elevated blood number, which has since returned to normal; he wants to rule out sclerosing cholangitis. Any thoughts on whether I should permit a biopsy during what was supposed to be just a small bowel surgery? I'm not sure how risky it is and since my bloods came back down, not sure if there's much of a concern anyway.
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Mark I have had 3 biopsies due to psc. I Image it's better to have under a general rather than local. You will need to remain flat for 12 hours afterwards but guessing after surgery you won't be able to move around to much anyhow. I think also being able to see the liver might help get a good sample if part of it is damaged or discolored as when doing a biopsy throughout the skin it's really a hit n miss. Hope all goes well. Let me know if you need any more advice. I've had psc for 15 yrs.

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