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Average time off before returning to work

What's the average amount people have taken off after stoma surgery? I've read that some people have taken from 6 months to years off after.

It's been 2 weeks since my surgery. Mentally, I'm ready to return, but I know physically I need more time. I can't imagine taking more than a month off. My bank account definitely cannot.
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I was off for 3 weeks after my stoma placement.

For stoma reversal I was off for 2 weeks.

I did return for the first week- 2 weeks at only 4 hour shifts. After that I was cleared for 8 hour shifts but only light duty (no lifting, pushing, pulling or exertion). I have to be light duty for 8 weeks after surgery (this was the same with both surgeries).

I think the time off depends on how long you were in the hospital. The first time I was in 10 days and had a rougher time with stamina. This last time I was only in 5 days and I don't think I lost at much endurance/stamina. Healing is better at home.
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I was completely off work for 4 weeks and then did half days for a week. At 6 weeks I was back full time, but my job is sitting at a computer all day. I still got really wiped out quickly, though.

It depends on the job, and like katiesue said, what your hospital course was like.
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I didn't work for about 4 weeks - but I went back way too soon.
I was very unwell before and after the surgery - I should have taken off at least three months.
It's been over a year - and I am still pretty feeble - but I have had quite a few complications like active disease, gall bladder removal and kidney stones.

Hope your surgery goes well and you recover well.
Best wishes.
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Thanks for the many replies. I too was very weak going into surgery after going through chemo and radiation. The killed cancer cells will be removed in the 3rd week of March, but I'm hoping to pull a paycheck or two before my next break.
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I took three and a half months off but I was really really sick before and afterwards couldn't do anything for myself for 3 months afterwards needed to build my strength and weight up. Was in hospital 10 days after op but altogether I was in there 2 days short of 6 weeks!! The op was too save my life. Hoping to be off 4-6 weeks after the next op my mum wants me bk sooner but I work in a shop so thinking that will be too soon...
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mflaum, can you go back partime or on just a few hours a day to begin with? I know that the money is important, but you don't want to do anything that wll make you go backwards and perhaps have to take even more time off. Stoma surgery is not a minor operation, especially after what you have already been through. Take care of yourself - and that's an order!
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I had about 6 weeks recovery after having my stoma put in before returning full time to work. When I had my reversal I had some complications so it ended up being around 8 weeks before I felt good enough to be able to return to work

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