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Well "crap!" I ended up in the ER today.

Last night I had some of the most intense pain of my life. It reminded me of when my camera pill got "stuck."

Scared my husband to death but I slept it off. Well kinda.. I woke up at 3am in gut wrenching pain again but I refused to goto the ER at 3am.

So I called my GI doc this morning and she made me go in...

Long story short...

After 8 hours of IV fluids, Ultra sound, CT scan -

You guessed it.



How is this possible? I've been on remicade for months. I'm so upset..and I'm most upset about upsetting my hubby again and scaring him.

Bless his heart he musta called me 100 times today while I was at the hospital. (He had to work.)

Hell I had to work too but I only got to work an hour before my doc said "Get thee to ER NOW!"

So anyways, I'm exhausted. I am back on Prednisone (60mg) until further notice and I have some nice nausea meds and some uhm pain killers...I never take those tho...well last night I might have if I had them. I think they are "percosets?"

Anyone ever taken those? Are they OK?

*Hugs* all I hope your holiday season is going by better than this LOL.
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I have taken Percocet, but not for stomach issues. I was given it for my leg pain. I'm not much of a pain med person, because I don't like the way they make me feel. It helps the pain, but knocks me out for a short period of time. Then I'm wired and fidgety for quite a while. Since Percocet is a narcotic, I recommend taking it only when your home, until you know how you will react to it. I'm sorry to hear you had a rough night and day. I hope you feel better soon!
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aww, sorry to hear you're flaring again!
I share your feelings about ER, I don't like to go even when I'm n horrible pain.
I also only go when my doc 'commands' me to! But we do what we must....
I hope the Pred works for you. I'm still trying to come down from my flare myself.
The holidays are definitely not the best of times for a flare..
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I'm so sorry you had to go to the ER! I refuse to go until someone actually makes me. I hope the meds kick in and you feel better, no one wants to be sick so close to the holidays. Feel better and let us know if the pain gets under control
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ugh what a bust, sorry to hear about your new flare.

i just took percocet for the first time last week actually, i had never taken pain meds before other than what comes thru the iv for surgeries. honestly, it didnt seem to do much of anything. i took a couple hours before i went to bed in case it knocked me out, but it didnt do that either. the pain seemed the same too. it seemed like i was having racing thoughts though, my mind was all hyper!
needless to say, i did not take any more lol.

hopefully the pred kicks in and starts to calm things down for ya, kittee
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Sorry to hear you are having a rough time again. Glad you finally went and sought out help though too!!

Hope you get some relief soon honey.



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Hi Kittee,

Sorry you are going through this flare. I'm just know grasping how frustrating this diseases is.

Should be: Sick/ tests/ meds= well.
Not: Sick/test/meds/more tests/sometimes Ok for a while/ flare. Ughh.

The frustrations are as bad as the cramps. Glad your sweet hubby called so much. Thats a big plus! (My dh just gets frustrated).

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Thank you all so much for the warm support. I really appreciate you guys here because you all really understand what's going on.

People without Crohns DO NOT understand.

I do feel much better today but a at home on bed/chair rest per doc orders. The only thing that scares me as I'm sure it's a problem for all of you from time to time is... my employment. Because above stated "no one understands crohns" I sometimes feel they don't realize how serious our condition can be sometimes.
And right now with this economy is not the time to lose a job.

I told my husband yesterday and forgive me if this comes out wrong...

I said "Sometimes I think people would understand me better if I had something like least then they would see how sick I am."

Please forgive me cancer patients, I wouldn't wish cancer on anyone in the world and I'm certainly not saying Crohns is worse than cancer.

What I'm saying is, for people as sick as we can be, its hard for the everyday person to "see" how sick we are because of our off and on symptoms.

Robin- My husband still gets frustrated with me though not as much as before my diagnosis. Until the doctors actually talked to him and he did some research on what was "wrong" with me...he did get short with me from time to time.
You can't really blame people with that because they don't understand it until they understand it. So you have my *hugs* and support. Have you tried giving your DH some literature or shown him this website?

Anyways- I did not take any percs yet. My pain right now is the "I fought 3 rounds with Mike Tyson pain, and he got me with all body shots" type soreness. It only really "hurts" when I eat something solid, so believe you me, I am avoiding solids like the plague atm. Yesterday after 27hours without food, I finally swallowed down some soup broth and then later I had a small bowl of rice crispies with soy milk. My stomach didn't like that AS much as the broth but I did ok on it.

Later I will have a Boost.. (ugh.) And take my Preds.

Only good thing about being back on Preds is that I will become a house cleaning maniac in about 4 days. LOL My house will get SPOTLESS again. I don't know why but Preds really get me going.

Pen- Yah I was doing so much better but I should have seen something was about to happen. At least now I am more aware of my body and the signs of an impending flare.

About 2 weeks ago I started getting horrendous heartburn. Then I noticed I was losing weight again, (without trying.) Also my last blood test showed my Albuim? Or whatever was down which is a precursor to malnutrition. And day before yesterday I started to get dizzy.

So now I know!

But anyways while posting this my GI doc called and set up my Pred taper for me and sounds like if I'm not improved by Jan, they may add 6-MP to my current schedule. I'll let you folks know more later! (Epic long post.)
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That totally sucks kittee. Hope you feel better soon. And you're totally right...people without Crohn's just don't understand. Cancer everyone "gets" but Crohn's I sometimes try to explain it over and over to some people.

Currently on: Colazal, Prilosec, multi-vitamin, probiotics, total EFA's, glucosamine.

Previous meds: Sulfasalazine, Asacol, Rowasa, Pentasa, Entocort.

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I agree about the cancer thing. Sometimes cancer can actually be easier
because they can remove it and then it's done. We're stuck with Crohn's,
which nobody but us seem to understand. Instead of understanding, I usually
get from people "well, it could be worse, you could have cancer instead."
Nope, they DON'T understand!

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Well hey guys- Hope everyone had a merry christmas.

I still feel like CRAP today. It's so frustrating.

I was taking 40mg for the past 2 weeks (well almost) and I dropped down to 30 yesterday and today and I've had the dang craps all day long. The cramping etc started again last night.

Can 10mg of pred seriously do this ? I'm supposed to taper down and I am trying but I just feel horrible today.

I sewed a couple of skirts, nothing really ACTIVE and I feel like I ran a marathon. I got dizzy and weak so I ate some lunch and I feel a little better but not much. My guts just feel RAW, I know you guys know what I mean.

I hope that after the holiday vacation time is over that the docs can sort this out. I hate feeling this way.
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I agree! Nobody understands our disease. Everyone just says oh you got Crohn's.
The best part is when you do go to the hospital for a blockage. They think your a big baby and can't handle a little pain. I would love to see them handle what we go through just for a day and see what they say then. I'd bet they would have a better understanding..
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Yah Wolfie *hugs*!

I wouldn't wish this on anyone, but If I had magical powers, I'd let some people experience it just for ONE day to see what I go through during an average week.

Today I fee a little better. But it is still the morning. Generally I do feel OK in the mornings and I don't start feeling bad till afternoon. (I think eating does it to me to be honest.) But you have to eat? /sigh
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Yep I feel like crap again. THought I was gonna feint in the grocery store. I did eat though and I am going to take 35 of pred now.

I have so much housework to do today too. I hope I feel better soon.
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OK so, 35 worked great for a few days so I dropped down to 30 which worked for 2 days and then of course's starting up again.

So now I don't I hang out at 30 for a few more days to see if it passes or go back up to 35?

Seems like I can never taper fast. My stomach is so messed up today. (By stomach of course I mean my guts.)
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Kittee - I think you are tapering too fast.
You just wrote that 35 worked for a few days so then you tried 30. I think people usually are on one amount for a mnimum of one week before they reduce their dosage.
For example, tapering from 40mg should take 8 weeks total. Going down by 5mg each week. That's the way that my doc had me do it the other times I have been on pred. I just tapered from 40 down to 0 in about double that time. I stayed on each amount for around 2 weeks. It was a great taper and I didn't feel any worse any time I lowered the dosage.
Or - maybe it would help if you just lowered by 2.5 mg each time.
Good luck - I hope it works out for you. Feel better.
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Thanks Well by few days I really meant 1 week
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Here's how my pred taper schedule went... and I had no issues:

1 week @ 40
2 weeks @ 60
1 month @ 40
1 month @ 35
1 month @ 30
1 month @ 25
2 weeks @ 20
2 weeks @ 17.5
2 weeks @ 15
2 weeks @ 12.5
2 weeks @ 10
1 week @ 7.5
1 week @ 5
1 week @ 4
1 week @ 3
1 week @ 2.5
1 week @ 2
1 week @ 1
1 week @ .5

took forever, but like I said, I had no probs.

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Thanks for the list.

Yah this is my 3rd pred taper. I guess my flare this time is just being resistant. I'm most definitely going back up to 35 tomorrow. My guts feel like they are raw again.
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Dentist tomorrow morning hehe. Wish me luck.


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