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Has anybody tried Serrapeptase?

Starting a trial of Serrapeptase and Nattokinase.

After studying about these enzymes and there effects for the removal of fibrins, and some insight from PollyH, I felt maybe it might help with the obstruction in my illeo-cecal and transverse colon. And the fact that Im facing their removal is really getting me to try more supplements to help with it. I have read in the forum others have or are using them for some of their symptoms. So if anybody has insight or experience Id really like to hear from you. Because nobody want to under the knife if there are alternative to be had.

Hope everybody is well.
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Im Updating this thread as promised. I had to stop the Serrapeptase today, it was making me light headed. I will continue with the Nattokinase and see how that works out in the next few days. The original train of thought with Serrapeptase was after looking for a natural enzyme to reduce fibrosis in the gastro-intestinal tract and see if I have any change in pain and distention. I would not recommend trying Serrapeptase unless you consult your Dr. I will report back about the Nattokinase in the next few days.

Thanks for reading everyone. Hope your all well.
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I took Nattokinase for a few days just to test it.

I was trying it before giving it to my wife to help break up biofilm in the blood as part of a Lyme disease treatment.

I never noticed any reaction or effects from it so I had her take it.

When she took the first dose she got a very severe headache. It seemed like a brain bleed type thing so I brought her to the ER. They scanned her head but there was nothing they could find.

She has had these headaches before, so I am not sure if it was a result of the Nattokinase or coincidence. Just thought I should mention it in case you get a negative reaction.

I have taken it a few times since and it never has given me problem.

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When you break down the fibrin, you release chemicals that cause inflammation. You may also uncover more of the offending infection. So, start slow with enzymes if you decide to try them.

Another strategy is using a combination of vitamin E and emu oil. This has been shown to help remove scars after surgery and thus I suspect it may be helpful in reducing the fibrin in the intestines. You want an emu oil from a place like LongView Farms that processes the oil at low temperatures. It is more anti-inflammatory when processed at a low temperature. Unfortunately, you may have to eat a lot of the emu oil in order to help the intestines. It is available in quarts. (I read one testimonial where this lady drank a quart of it, and it greatly relieved her Crohn's symptoms.)

Crohn's Disease Forum » General IBD Discussion » Has anybody tried Serrapeptase?
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