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Food high in iron?

Hey guys what food do you include in your diet that you get your iron from? My specialist said that the human body cannot get iron from greens (well not a large amount) and to eat heaps of red meat; my only issue with meat is that I sometimes get an upset stomach depending on whether there is a lot of fat in the meat.
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I don't eat red meat either.
It probably is the best food for iron intake but vegetables are ok as well. The problem is that some vegetables have phytates in them, which stops the absorption of iron, spinach for example isn't recommended for iron intake.
Vitamin C aids the absorption of iron, so make sure you get plenty of that.
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Thanks for the reply, thats quite interesting. I was eating a lot of spinach and I noticed that it would really upset my stomach so I'm off it now. As for the red meat, Its really hard for me to not eat red meat as I try to go to the gym a few times a weeks and red meat really helps me with my strength; I may try some kangaroo meat apparently its really lean and we have plenty of it over here in AUS.
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Blackstrap molasses (not regular molasses) is also very high in iron (learned that here but not sure who mentioned it) and some brands of instant oatmeal (not sure about non-instant) and some cereals.

For the molasses, I make oatmeal and then add a teaspoon of molasses and top off with strawberries (to aid the absorption) (if you can't have berries, have a glass of orange juice with it). It does make the oatmeal fairly sweet and has a distinctive taste but it does grow on you! I also remember reading that a member here would add a spoon to a cup of hot water and just drink it like that.

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kangaroo would be a good option...what about ostrich??i eat it when i comes available in the UK but its feckin expensive.wish i had the luxury of having it more ready available and cheaper as its very lean and tasty...
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Thanks for the info, I'm going to give Black molasses a try. I dont think I've ever seen ostrich anywhere I may have to look around for it.
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FWIW I ate a lot of total raisin brand when I was pregnant to help with iron. I also found out that dried prunes are high in iron.
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