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I have Crohn's along with other health problems

Hello everyone,

I was diagnosed with Crohn's a little over a year ago after a week long visit in the hospital. I'm 20 years old. Recently, I was also diagnosed with PCOS. I have never had regular periods, I usually would only have as little as 2 periods a year. My gastro doctor has me on Asacol, which has greatly helped my Crohn's along with a new diet. I feel fortunate that Asacol has been able to help me, because I know other crohn's related drugs have very serious side affects. My endocrine doctor has me taking metformin, but I have not seen any improvement in the regularity of my periods. Very recently, I was diagnosed with hypercalcemia too. I was put on a low calcium and vitamin D diet, but my most recent blood tests still show high blood calcium levels. Now, my doctor has ordered more blood tests to screen for diseases associated with high blood calcium levels, including a TB skin test and a chest x-ray.

I just don't know what to do anymore when it comes to my health. I'm 20 years old, but I feel like I'm 60. It's bad enough that I can hardly eat anything without flaring with my Crohn's, but now I can't have hardly any dairy products (which used to be one of the only foods I could eat without any digestive problems) AND my periods are still causing me problems. Metformin is also very hard on the digestive system and causes even more diarrhea. Stress is really my biggest issue when dealing with Crohn's, but all these problems stacking up on my shoulders is making it nearly impossible to manage my stress. I really would like to avoid taking any sort of medicine like xanax to control my stress, but lately I've been thinking I need to see a doctor about it.

I'm really wondering if there is anyone that has suffered with this combination of health problems and found a way to deal with them well. I've been reading recently that a gluten free diet has helped people deal with PCOS, but I just don't know where to start.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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hi and welcome. I feel for ya. It can be overwhelming to have to deal with so much at once. Hopefully you will find some answers and help soon. Both my daughters have PCOS and like the Crohns everyone is different in how it manifests and is managed. My youngest had her left ovary & tube and half her right ovary removed by the time she was 17-she is doing well, no meds and is the proud mother of two boys. My oldest discovered diet modification was what worked. No dairy, no sugar, no soy and she follows a gluten free diet with great success. No pain, bloat, arthritis symptoms gone, tummy pain gone. Its taken a long time and much trial and error but it is better now. Keep up with the Dr. to follow that line of questioning and check out the diet angle as well, it certainly can't hurt. My Crohns is moderated by diet as well as meds, I have eliminated a lot of foods and I cook from scratch and it has made a world of difference for me. Good luck and I hope you find some relief soon.
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welcome to the forum. I am sorry you have so much going on right now along with being diagnosed with Crohns.

I do not know about the PCOS, but I hope your doctor can help you soon.

Do you have a good GI that specializes in Crohns/IBD Disease? The TB test was performed right away on my daughter, made sure she was up on ALL new immunizations, and current boosters for Hepatitis. She has also ran several stool cult, C.Diff tests.

There is nothing wrong with taking a antidepressant, might try St.Johns Wort and Camamile tea. (with GI approval)

The gluten free diet, is a great idea. We have threads on that in the Forum Wiki area at the bottom of the main page...

You will find lots of great information here and lots of support. There is also a special section for women, that might give you more insight: Support forum: Females OB/GYN

sending you hugs
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Welcome to the forum!

I'm so sorry to hear what you're dealing with. I hope that the forum and it's members can help you with support and advice.

For information on a gluten free diet, check out the Diet, Fitness, and Supplements section of the forum. You can find information on going gluten free, as well as other diets that might help calm your symptoms.

I hope you feel better soon!

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Hi there and welcome to the community. Some suggestions:

1. I would suggest discussing supplementing boron, vitamin K, and K2 with your doctor. They will look at you with a strange face because they won't know a thing about it, but the thing is, boron is an essential trace element for bone metabolism including efficient use of calcium and magnesium and proper function of endocrine glands and vitamin K and K2 basically tell all the calcium where to go.

2. Where is your Crohn's disease located? Your small intestine, large intestine, or both?

All my best to you.
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Vitamin K is a good idea. Lack of it can be a factor in hypercalcemia. I would bet it would help, and might resolve it completely.

Nothing I post here is to be construed as medical advice. I am not a doctor or health professional.
They are simply my opinions.

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