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Can't eat Modulen IBD


I am in a severe flare and I try LDN to be better.
I lost a lot of wheight, usualy I am ≃ 72kg but today I am ≃ 57kg .
My doctor gave me Modulen IBD, I have to drink 2,5L/day (2500 kcal).
It's not the first time I have to drink modulent, but the first time was well without any concern.

But now, I can't eat Modulen. It's like my body deny it: After the 4th glass approximately, I spit/vomit directly all the Modulen.
I can't control it. The taste doesn't bother me.

Do you have solution / advice ...

Thanks a lot ! (sorry for my english, I'm french)
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Hey sorry to hear you're not doing well try to back to your doctor ASAP n let them know what's happening

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