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Urgency and Accidents

Well after taking advice from my last post, I ended up taking my son to the ER, which he was severely dehydrated, low potassium, inflammed pancreas and inflammation in his colon. He was admitted for five days, with lots of fluids, several antibiotics, steroids, blood drawn every day, etc. He was feeling really good after he was out of the hospital. The week following he was still taking antibiotics and steroids but soon was off but felt the best he felt in a while (and only having one or two stools a day versus ten plus). I wish I could say he is still feeling great but he isnt. The number of stools have started picking up again. He seems to go quite a bit during the night and in the early morning. The urgency is so quick that he is having accidents. I do have him wear a mans depends and this is so embarrassing for a twelve year old! But the depends does not seem to be working very well as it leaks out to his clothes. I know this may be TMI but I was wondering if any other kiddos have this problem with having such urgency and turning in to accidents and if there is one product to use better than the other? He has even had accidents in school on the way to the bathroom and he is so thankful his schoolmates have not seen that happen yet.

He is going to be starting soccer next week and my biggest fear is that he may have an accident on the field and what if if runs down his legs? I dont have anyone to ask to help with these kinds of questions. He started methotrexate about six weeks ago. I am not sure yet if it is helping and he is still taking Remicade every six weeks, Balsalazide, probiotic, zantac, folic acid, mutivitamin. I am going to have him food allergy tested in two weeks to rule anything out. I have put him on lactose free milk (he doesnt drink too much milk) but we have not cut out sugar or gluten yet (he is not Celiac).

Does anyone have any suggestions on how they would handle this situation? I know we all have our kiddos problems we have to deal with and each of us have similar but different situations, but often times I feel so alone and never imagined my life would revolve around so much poop. I just want my son to start feeling better and not have to give up on things (like soccer and baseball).

Thanks for listening and any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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Hi supermom
I'm so sorry you and your son are going though
Hard time . My daughter is 3nearly 4 and is
Still in nappies as she can have explosive diarrhea
Upto 12 times though day and night, she only passes
Wind and she has acceident though the nappie.
Have you tried and meds? The doctor gave us
Immodium but for my daughter wasn't very successful
But I know others who have good effects from it.
Also if u go on tenna website for kids you can find
Like liners to go in the under wear that prevent any
Acceidents going though clothes.
Not sure if this helps in anyway.
Hugs x x
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My daughter is completely incontinent (from a diff medicinal condition, I have IBD, she doesn't), but we've had good luck with Goodnites. They are similar to pull ups but come in bigger sizes and seem to handle leaks better. They are marketed for bed wetting, but they work well for incontinence. I think the M-L size would fit a 12 year old.
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Kids on tubes typically need medical grade versions

The pull up type per the other moms tend to have more leaks
Vs traditional type.
Most of these older kids are not dry at night so not the same as pure liquid BM
But they will send samples and your insurance may cover it

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Oh, I should have specified I use them for poop reasons. My daughter doesn't pee. She's on laxatives, so the poop is often quite messy.

But I think asking for samples is a great idea. We've gotten various samples including the ones linked above, but none of them have fit her right. It's definitely worth trying though!
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Hi Supermom ( I love the name! )

Have you tried Immodium, or Psyllium Husks to try and help bulk up his stools?
Poor kid, that has to be so hard for him !

here's a link to a popular thread that may be of some help
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No advice, as I didn't put dd in pull ups when she was having accidents (she was 4/5 and it was a difficult subject). I remember how hard of a time dd had, though (she had accidents monthly at school; and until the end of the year, wanted to come home EVERY time it happened...she was SO embarrassed!) Maybe a product made for heavy wetters...and I am going to imagine, just like diapers, the fit will be different for every body. I agree with getting samples to see what brand works best...I had a friend who shared that only the name brands depends worked for her mom...but I think everyone is different.
(((HUGS))) and good luck...hoping you find something that works well. Does the GI know about the urgency/accidents? Ours tried cortifoam enemas to try and heal the distal colon to reduce the accidents. It didn't work for us, but I was willing to try anything...fortunately it ended up stopping on its own.
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I'm so sorry your son is having these accidents. I don't have Crohn's and I do not have celiac, but if I eat gluten I've had a few accidents. I think it is definitely worth trying. My daughter who does have Crohn's is also not positive for celiac and also has a gluten intolerance. Gluten free diet makes a huge difference for her too. I hope you can find a solution for your poor son. No 12 year old should have to suffer that.
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Well my situation is different my dd doesn't have a colon so regardless her bm's are pure liquid most of the time. She doesn't typically have any accidents anymore, it has improved a lot with pelvic floor exercises. Diet is hugely an impact on her so sometimes we must feed her mostly bananas, rice, mashed potatoes, rice krispy treats, mashmellows and have used psyillium powder as well with very little water to bulk up her stools. Gluten free is a very binding diet maybe buying some GF snacks could help. These tricks have worked very well for her. It seemed as if her accidents usually occurred if she had too much sugar. I hope you find an answer.
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I was going to reccomend the Goodnites as well. I know some friends who have used them successfully for their kids.

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