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Starting Imuran

Well, we were able to get Lacee into the doctor sooner on a cancellation. The doctor has decided to put her on Imuran, along with what she is already taking (Flagyl and Asacol). I havent been able to read up much on the Imuran yet. Can anyone tell me if Imuran is like Remicade? I have read alot about Remicade and one thing that I read is that once your on Remicade then you really cant come off it, unless it doesnt work for you. Has anyone been on Imuran and gone into remission? And once you have been in remission, have you come off it or do you stay on it forever?

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Most of the maintenance meds are long term meds as the Crohn's doesn't go away and the medicine is what is hopefully keeping it in remission.
My son was on Imuran for several years and my husband has been on it for 8 years with no real big flares. Was hospitalized with perianal fistula and put on Imuran after that stay, he has not been back in the hospital since then.
Jack was able to get to probably about 95% on the Imuran. Was almost there but lack of sleep or virus or extra stress would tip him over into a flare and he did not grow or gain weight on it. His labs all improved and did not have daily stomach, joint pains or eczema any more and had normal bm's.
You can go off Imuran and return to it at another time without building up antibodies which is what is usually happens if you start remicade and then go off it.
They will do regular blood tests to check for theraputic levels and liver function. About every 2 weeks at the start and extend them if things look good. Jack's GI had him at 6mos-1 year for labs right before we switched to LDN. My husband's GI has him go every 3 months like clockwork still after 8 years.

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DS was on 6-mp ( similar to Imuran) for 8 months.
As long as your child gets regular blood work - to monitor - things
It just was not enough to get him into remission .

Good luck
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I just started Imuran 2 months ago and I belive that I'm starting to feel better. I sure hope so. The blood work has been good so far. My GI said that it takes about 6 months for the Imuran to really work all the way.
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Hi Kim
My daughter was put on imuran last week...she is also on pentasa and flagyl.
She had few bad days with nausea and vomiting but things have finally settled down now.
From what i've read it takes about 3 months before it starts working.
I hope the combination works for your daughter..
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Hi, we are on week 5 on 6mp. Andrew has his tablets about 15 mins after his main dinner and so far, no side effects apart from tiredness. We were told 3 months to start working properly. We are having weekly blood tests for 8 weeks then every 2 weeks then every month then every 3 months. Good luck
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Imuran is a different class of drug to Remicade but their aim is the same, to gain and maintain remission.

As has already been said, it will take at least 3 months to become fully therapeutic and regular blood testing is required whilst ever you are on the drug.

Both of my children gained remission following surgery and Imuran has been their maintenance medication. My daughter has been on it for nearly 6.5 years and my son for nearly 2.5 years. Neither have had any problems with it.

Good luck! I hope it works well for daughter...

Dusty. xxx
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I've been on imuran for just over a month, definitely noticing improvements - dealing with nausea from the higher dose ATM but I am hopeful, and as for success stories, one of my docs daughters has UC and she is actually in histological remission from it (her biopsies came back clear).

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