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New to LC - Determined to Manage Holistically!

I inked my first post in another thread and was encouraged to start my own introduction thread so here goes.

First, here's my health background. I've been a healthy type 1 diabetic for 39 years now, so modifying and monitoring diet to improve health is second nature to me. I exercise at least 5 times a week with a mix of cardio and weights. Stretching and yoga have become important parts of my routine as I've aged. About 5 years ago, I decided to get serious about losing weight and dropped 45 pounds over the course of three years mostly by avoiding simple carbs. Eating a salad every day for lunch has become a fixture for me. I eat lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts and lean protein. I eat complex carbs sparingly - lots of whole grains, which I've learned that I should probably avoid.

I was diagnosed with LC in Feb 2013. My symptoms flared up in Dec 2012 so it didn't take long to get diagnosed. My GI scheduled a colonscopy at my first office visit and diagnosed the LC with a biopsy. Prior to the colonscopy, my symptoms had cleared up. My GI had also prescribed heavy antibiotics to flush any nasties out. I took these in the week leading up to the colonscopy. This fed into my theory that I had picked up a parasite in it's cyst form backpacking as the symptoms hit about 5 days later. Because, the symptoms cleared, I almost bailed on the colonscopy. Glad I didn't!

Prior to the antibiotic, I was visiting the loo 12+ times a day. No stomach pain - just frequent, urgent trips. Now, I'm down to about 6 trips daily.

I like to try to avoid medications if possible. But because I had a business trip coming up, I took Lialda for about two weeks (talk about sticker shock!). Now that my business trip is over, I am abandoning the meds and tackling my challenge through diet. I think the Lialda was starting to drag on my energy level, plus I can't imagine the long term effects would be pleasant. This site has become my primary resource for modifications to experiment with.

The first thing I eliminated was eggs and immediately noticed a difference in gas, but not frequency of trips in the morning. I have also added 5000 IU of D3, 450mg of magnesium, a multi vitamin and tumeric supplement in the mornings. I've been doing this for about a week. After getting a lot of great anecdotal feedback on this site, my new theory is that beer is one of the main culprits for me. I have (had) about 3 beers a night. While taking the antibiotics leading up to my colonoscopy, I was told not to drink any alcohol. I was good patient and followed instructions. Upon reflection and research, I think this may be why my symptoms cleared up. I am also targeting wheat for elimination starting this weekend.

Anywho, I definitely see that my struggle with LC pales in comparison to the struggles others on this site have. But feedback for my little fight is still appreciated. I have a week long, high mileage backpacking trip scheduled for the fall so I am very motivated to strike the right balance
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The creator of the site is currently documenting his treatment for LC via the forum. Have you checked out his thread yet? You might find some helpful info there.

"My Holistic Treatment Diary For Lymphocytic Colitis":

Wishing you the best and hope you are able to get things under control.
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Good luck Hacksaw On Rye! I have microscopic colitis myself and have been doing well with dietary ideas along with taking a few supplements, similar to you. Here of late I've all but stopped my D this year! I'm quite excited about it. Hope you find similar relief.

Along with David's helpful thread as CrohnsChicago mentions, you might also take a look at the diet/exercise, SCD/ paleo section for support.
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CrohnsChicago, I previously read David's holistic thread very carefully - loads of good stuff.

Beach, I haven't ventured into the Paleo section, but will being doing soon soon!

Thanks to both for the helpful guidance. Much appreciated.
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Hey there HacksawOnRye and welcome to the community

It seems to me that you're on a good track. You're starting to experiment, do your research, and fine tune based upon those results. I was diagnosed in 2010. While I'm now in remission, I continue to fine tune. It is definitely a process but when you start to see progress it makes it all worth it.

Please keep us updated as to how you're doing and if you have any questions, we're here for you.
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So here's my current conundrum. A major component of my diabetic diet regimen and a big factor in my losing weight years ago is eating lots of raw vegetables and fruits. Their slow digestion makes for level release of glucose which is easier for me to balance insulin intake against. The more I've read and reflected, I'm afraid that the raw stuff is a big irritant to my system. Consequently, for me to get my gut healthy I need to back away for a while. Make sense?
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Ok - I got a bit lazy. Delving into a post you created on the topic a couple of years ago David. I'll respond to that one if I have any questions. : )

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