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In 2ww and having a flare up

Hello Ladies! Just after some advice really

currently in my 2ww and after being in remission for 7 months, my crohns decides to flare now. Stomach just constantly feeling uncomfertable and passing a lot of blood and mucus. I've just moved and don't have a doctor or gastroenterologist, but I have a lot of asacol left over which i've been taken but doesn't seem to help. I'm quite paranoid about taking anything else as don't want to cause myself any harm, but i'm scared that I am causing harm already if i'm flaring.

Any suggestions?
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Ok so im not a lady but I m on Asacol for quite a while. If you have been in remission where you taking the Asacol to remain so or taking nothing . The reason i ask as i had stopped for a few weeks thinking it was over and it all came back , D , pain ,Mucus and blood . I am back on the Asacol 800mg 3xday and it takes a while to be effective . but be consistant with it really helps . I mean i taking it regularly with out days off. sort off building it up .
For me it stopped most of the symptoms and Im just on Amitryptiline for the pain as required.
So if you cant get a Doc I would consider doing this , i dont think it could be harmful but do check with a Doc even just by phone or ask a nurse first.

Good luck

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Had to look up 2ww (2 week wait) because that's the first I've ever heard of it (I haven't tried for kids yet). When bleeding is involved you really need to be seen by someone and have some proper testing done to find out what's going on. Asacol may not help/may not be enough. Even though you just moved you're going to need to find someone to see you and as soon as possible. Mucus is generally a sign of inflammation and blood loss is never good and can lead to anemia. Please find a doctor before attempting to treat it with medication you have on hand.
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Yeah currently just trying to find a doctor atm, Asacol seems to have finally kicked and not getting any blood or pain anymore which is a good sign but i'll still pay the doctors a visit
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I've been TTC for 7 months, and it seems that the whole first half of my cycle I feel great, and the week leading up to my period I have a flare. I can't help but think that's why I haven't had success yet. Good luck.

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