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Bruise/Pain at injection site

I give my son a methotrexate injection weekly in his upper thigh. We alternate legs. Last weekend, he had a sharp pain in his right leg, so I injected his left. This week, the left leg still has a bruise from last weekend. Also, the right leg hurt again when I tried it. He says it feels like hitting a nerve?

Anyone know what could cause this? He has been taking it since July 2012. It is doing a great job on the IBD, so I want to resolve this pain issue!

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I got bruises all the time when I was on it and they took forever to go away. I think this was more of me reacting to the physical needle going into my skin than the medicine itself. I would bleed too sometimes, I assume I hit a vein.

Maybe you're holding the needle at a bad angle? Or maybe his leg is sore for some unrelated reason. It's hard to say really :S Try giving his leg a rest from the injections for a few weeks. Maybe try the back of his arm for a while and then go back to his leg and see if it's better.
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I would second Inwe with the back of the arm idea. I know that the few time I had them given at the beginning they would do them on that site and I would find it more comfortable than thighs. Personally I would prefer to inject myself in my belly fat but I already ended up with terrible (though painless) bruises from them.
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