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Back Pain?!

Has anyone else experienced bad back pain with Imuran? I'm experiencing it in my lower back and middle back. Feels like extreme period cramp pains in my back. Is this normal?
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Hi Marah and welcome to the forum :-) How long have you been on the Imuran for and did you have any back pain before you went on it? Back pain, especially lower back pain is very common in Crohn's sufferers. It was one of my more debilitating symptoms.
Is the Imuran helping with other things?
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Not specifically back pain, but my period pains are MUCH worse since starting Aza, and my periods are heavier. Nothing about it in the literature or on the web, but it started when I started the Aza.

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yep, I got back pain but unsure if Imuran or just crohn's itself that causes it. Hot bath and heating pad help also get tylenol muscle aches and body if you need pill form of help (no I did not ask my GI dr if it was okay to take but it works well for hours)
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Never had the back pain with Imuran. Had back pain when first diagnosed though.

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I've experienced progressive lower and middle back pain from my crohns over the past year or so. I've only just started on Aza so still awaiting any possible side effects from the drug itself. Co0Dydramol helps with my back pain.
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I've had constant lower & middle back pain since before I was diagnosed and can't seem to find anything that shifts it. Not sure if it relates to Aza or to do with the surgery and how things have healed up. I use hot baths & hot water bottles daily, fortunately it's mostly cold in Scotland so that works for me but am waiting for colonoscopy to find out if inflammation is back which may account for increase pain. Hard to know what is causing what !
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I've started to wonder whether my back pain maybe kidney or digestive related, or whether it is just the crohns. I tend to suffer with it mostly in the mornings and less so as the day progresses. But yep, it is hard to know what's causing it.
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I've been on mercaptopurine for about a year. I've had some pretty severe back pain since October. My PCP ordered an MRI about 2 months ago, showing arthritic changes in my lumber spine. I don't know if it is due to the medication, the crohn's or just getting older, but it is seriously affecting my life. And due to the Crohn's, I can't take Advil or other NSAIDs.
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My MRI scan showed a degenerative disc in my lower back, the specialist said it was due to my crohns and wanted me to focus on getting my crohns sorted primarily as he didn't view this as a separate issue.

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