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New to SCD

Hi All! I have a son with Crohn's and we are new to the SCD diet. We've completed the intro and now moving forward.

I had a question about cheese? Can I use any cheddar? They all seem to add color and I didn't know if that was ok. He's living on chicken or grass fed lean beef and veggies and is really wanting some cheese! So would love to try small amounts.

Also, were is the best place to find SCD recipies? I've found some online, but I'm going to need a lot more than a few dinners to make. Would like to find great meals to rotate through.

Thanks! I know I'll have more questions once I really get into everything.
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Real Cheese is legal -

"If a cheese is not a processed cheese (manufactured) but is a cheese that has had a bacterial culture involved with its production and is aged at least 30 days. Elaine says its OK."

Look for a cheese that is actually cheese, not processed pretend cheese, it may cost a bit more but is worth it. - probably anything NOT made in America or anything made by people rather than a corporation.

Introduce with caution and note reactions over two weeks.
Many of us can't do dairy, and it's not just lactose, the proteins can cause problems, but this changes over time - once leaky gut is controlled then they don't get into the bloodstream any more so can then be tolerated.

The web is the best place to find recipies but avoid overdoing the nuts, all the almond breads and muffins can cause more problems than they are worth.

Any recipies that are Paleo are probably SCD legal and while it's not what most people want to hear his diet SHOULD be mainly MEAT and VEGETABLES, just like god and evolution intended.

If you find you get so far and then no more progress, cut out the yoghurt and processed veg oils and that should help (more paleo, less SCD)

Paleo and SCD are more similar than they are different
If your new to SCD them please check this out...
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Hi Seattle Girl

You might like to read through the thread HERE. I will also tag Charleigh, who has a son who has been making very good progress on SCD. I am sure that she will give you any help that she can.
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At first, we kept our foods to a minimal. My son only ate intro type foods to allow himself to heal. We didn't eat beef, raw veggies/fruits, some cooked veggies and fruits, no dairy whatsoever, etc, etc. As E healed, we introduced some more legal foods. E does eat real, aged cheese now without a problem. Just make sure it is truly aged cheese since if it isn't the lactose is still there. I would only add in cheese after you see some progress on the diet. I waited until E was at a good point and feeling much better. That way, if he reacted I would know he wasn't ready for it yet.
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