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Talk to me about Fecal Caloprotectin

DS just had results of 228 which for most IBD kids is really not high but considering he was at 86 at the end of Aug and around the same prior to that one- quite a jump in my mind - he has never been that high - but ....

GI thinks he was probably up in the 1400 range in early Jan ( two days of bloody D) and may be coming down now-

But since we did not test for fecal cal in Jan we have no way of knowing if he is trending up or down.

So here is my question
HOw long after a higher number do you recheck fecal cal - 6 weeks ,2 months, 4 months?

IF numbers were normal were suppose to just recheck every 6
but an increase has me

Since normal is 150 for 9 and under
normal for over 9 is 50 -- Ds is 9.
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Johnny got a 586 and they weren't going to do another one for 6 months. I was uncomfortable with that so we paid for one out of pocket 3 months later. It was 420, better but still not good. The GI must have mentioned 5 times that the second test didn't mean that much to him because we didn't wait long enough between tests. So Johnny will have another next month. (6 months from last fecal cal)

Our GI says he wants a child with IBD to be below 300. He also said that a virus, medications etc can alter the number a bit. I have heard that the fecal cal is a better measure of large colon activity but Johnny's disease is mostly upper GI and is almost non existent in his colon.

So I think DS numbers look good. But I know it's never fun to see that number go up.
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C is small bowel CD too and his last flare, Oct. 2012, his Fecal Calprotectin was 1700,(I noticed I had mistakenly said 1200 in an earlier post)
In Feb. 2013 when he was in the hospital, normal MRE, colonoscopy biopsies looked good, narrowing at ICV(not believed to be inflammation) his fecal calprotectin was 300.

PA in hospital menitoned we may be getting FC done every 3-4 months for awhile.
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My son hasn't had this tested since his diagnosis last summer. Is this something I should be requesting? My GI has never mentioned this. Now I'm wondering if we're getting everything that should be monitored checked.
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Sorry MLP, Stephen's never had it done... I hope the GI is right though and he's trending down...

Don't forget to check in the Test subforum or wiki, you might find your answer there...
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Our GI said soon she will be having this. He made it sound like it would be every few months (3mo?) for awhile.

Sorry no real answer but it was just neat that you asked us a question.

I think above my avatar I'll write, Save Time...Just ask MLP
What ya think. Dexky you don't mind if I steal the idea, do ya?
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To save time...Ask Dusty!
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I hear ya FW! I'm just glad no one asks me anything!
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Thanks a bunch johnny'smom
If only his fecal cal was elevated I think I would be ok
But we are seeing signs of him cycling every infusion
- good for a few weeks
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Our IBD nurse said she would check it every 3 months, but then it is the only test that shows anything for us.
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We also do every 3 months. Ours have been trending down, but he is still in the 300 range. Doc said what is most important is the trend of the numbers, not the number itself so much.

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