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Humira and constant abscessing

Hi everyone,
I have perianal crohns with fistula and seton with multiple sinus tracts that abscess. I also have a temp. loop ileostomy to help rest the area yet am still having abscessing. I have been on humira since Dec 2011 and have only been taken off it once while in hospital for abscessing.
I have questioned my GI many times about the humira possibly being the root of all the reoccuring abscesses. I am told that is not the case. However, I still feel that humira is the cause. I have been on an IV antibiotic meropenem for 3 months was taken off for 2 wks and kaboom. Put back on it for another 2 months. It helps but I am still sore which tells me I am still abscessed. I am currently waiting for OR time to have a drainage and another seton but they are very busy and it's taking a long time. I seem to always be in pain, as if the abscess is there all the time.
So, I guess I just want to pick all the brains possible before I go in to talk more about this with my GI. I really do feel this humira is making this worse for me. He has me on a weekly dose of one pen which I also think is too much.
Advise please!
Am I wrong when saysing you should not be on biologics with an infection. i.e. abscessed on humira???

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I copied your post and made a duplicate thread for you here in hopes that you might get more responses.

In the side effects list "Impaired Wound Healing" is listed so its very possible yet I have no personal experience with abscesses.
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Hello smallfry. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this and that it's being so persistent. I can't speak to the humira, but I know in my case, a fistula was "feeding" the abscess. For me, this is what kept causing it come back again and again. I had a seton placed.

I would probably ask my GI why he thinks they are returning and what can be done differently. Are you actively flaring?
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My guts are good. just perianal at the moment.

I'm really just starting to think that biologics in general are not good while abscessed, which I always am. My surgeon doesn't like to drain them often because they are in my rectal vaginal septum. I am currently waiting for OR time for another seton but they are so busy here in toronto, i've been waiting over 2wks now
I have asked and the IV meropenem and maybe changing up the biologic is all he's got for me. After this I think it's rectal removal. Funtimes!
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Smallfry I had recurring intestinal abscesses while on remicade then humira then remicade again. I do know that they won't start you on a biologic if there is an abscess anywhere so seems counter intuitive to continue when you have recurrent abscesses. i don't know if they cause abscesses but they sure don't fix them. I have heard they are good for healing fistulas though so if that is what is causing your abscesses maybe that is why the doc wants you to continue on them. I've given up on them now since they obviously wern't helping. Just have an ileostomy and crossed fingers now and hoping that that will help.

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