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Cow's Milk?

Hey guys,

I'm curious to know whether you guys give your kid's cow's milk. I have Crohns but my kids do not. I've just started drinking raw goats milk myself and am wondering whether I should switch the kids off cow's milk given the links to paratuberculosis and Crohns per the article below:


The other one I wonder about is whether I should be filtering their water for fluoride given articles like the one below: http://www.sophiagubb.com/fluoride-c...son-generally/

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My son has goats milk but we mainly started it because he used to have alot of hayfever and his nose/sinuses were always stuffy. Seemed to help so he stayed on it.
I would say if your kids don't mind the taste, then it's probably more convenient if you're all on the same milk.
As for the water, it's not something I've really thought about. Seem to remember reading somewhere that our local water board stopped putting flouride in the water because of issues.
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My daughter is allergic to milk and has crohns x
If ur kid like the Taste if goats milk like
Sascot said it would make it easier to
Have you all on same milk x
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My mother bought goat's milk for a while, fresh from the farm. We also grew up on raw cow's milk. Well water, so no added anything besides what Mother Nature added.....

The goat milk seemed to agree with me more than cow milk.

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Cow's milk here for my crohn's kid.
He is not allergic and it does not affect his ibd.
We had pulled it for a while - not difference for him.
Kids with Ibd need alot of calcium ( from pred use and just plain Ibd )
Cow milk is a good source of calcium for kids at least .
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Goat's milk it wonderful. We used to buy it from the store BUT the store stuff has an after taste I don't care for. We don't have anyone that sells raw milk from goats around here.

My hubby refuses to milk more than he has to. Plus he hates goats!
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Keep in mind if your child is allergic ( not lactose intolerant )
To cows milk then there is a very high risk that they will also be allergic to other mammal milk ( except human ) since the proteins are very similar .
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Cow's milk - lactose free.

For my Crohn's child and my lactose intolerant child.

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Cow's Milk for both boys - lactose free for Non-IBD and regular for IBD (he says the lactose free tastes different/sweeter). I use the lactose free for cooking or anything they will both be eating since even a little regular causes some pretty severe gastro issues for my younger son.

Interesting about the flouride, when the boys were little their dentist gave them flouride pills as our water had low levels of flouride

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No fluoride in the water here. Not by choice just what was..
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Cows milk here as well.

A few months ago my daughter was getting pain every time she drank milk.
We tried lots of different milks but they all caused her pain and she didn't like the taste of any of them.
Not long ago the pain just disappeared.
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Both my daughters drink fat free milk with lactose removed.
It is regular cows milk.

Has lots of protein, calcium and vitamins....

My daughter with Crohns I dont want to have the lactose for that, and my other daughter without Crohns is lactose intolerant.

I will buy almond milk everyonce in a while.
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cows milk for my son too, has had no problems at all. Although my husband also has crohns and although he can drink cows milk, he cant tolerate alot. x
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To start with I should say Liam (10) doesn't have a diagnosis, we are in the exploratory stage trying to wok out what's making him unwell (main symtoms, severe stomach pains, acid reflux, frequent dehydration.)

We use Lactose Free Cows Milk for drinking/cereal & Low Fat Leben Ayran (a liquid strained yoghurt) for cooking.

The water here is desalinated sea water which has no mineral to speak of and is slightly acidic. I only give Liam bottled natural mineral waters, that are alkaline and have lots of minerals, this seems to help prevent him getting so dehydration. The rest of us drink the desal. I've seen some discussion in the diet forum about whether purified watr is healthy or not. One example of this is: http://www.crohnsforum.com/showthread.php?t=42652
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Always did and Alex didn't seem to have problems with it and he's now on Lactaid, lactose-free version of cow's milk, GI said the lactose is a general bowel irritant. No idea if it's ever helped or not, but doesn't hurt.
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Thanks for the thoughtful insights folks.

I have let the kids try Kefir in the past with mixed results, so I wasn't expecting they'd like Goats milk SCD yoghurt, but blow me down with a feather they actually like it!

The Raw goats milk we purchased didn't even taste "goaty" like the ones from the store. It would be wonderful if this could settle my daughter's tummy and stop the skin irritation she has on her butt and her eczema. Fingers crossed
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I have celiac and crohn's. As a kid I was lactose intolerant which resolved when I went gluten free, but then I discovered I'm actually allergic to milk as well. I'm allergic to sheep and goat milks as well.

My daughter doesn't have IBD or a milk allergy, and she eats a mix of regular cow milk dairy products (mostly string cheese) and the coconut milk ones I use. I don't buy regular cow/goat/sheep milk.
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My son seems to tolerate lactose free cow's milk better than regular cow's milk so that is what he drinks. It tastes a bit different than regular milk so I add Milo or Ovaltine (chocolate powder with vitamins) and that goes over well. With regular milk he seems to sometimes be ok with it and other times he gets pain.
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