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poppets mum
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Wishes for your child

Ok so with St. Patricks day coming up, I thought I would use the luck of the Irish to make some wishes for the future for my daughter. I can think of hundreds but I will start small and go from there.
1. Just one day without tummy pain.
2. No more Hospital visits until the day she has a baby
3. ( This is for her Dad) No boys sniffing around until she is 20 ish
I will be adding lots more later but it ends with her winning the Nobel prize for discovering the cure to all GI problems.
What would your wishes be? The thought is if we get enough of them then some of them have got to come true.
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What I wish for Lucy.

1) no more tummy pain and diarrhea

2)cure for crohns and ibd

3) for her to enjoy her childhood

4) to get out of nappies

5) to enjoy life to the full and for her
To do what she wants in life x
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poppets mum
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I second those wishes.
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Thanks poppers mum x
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My wishes for Devynn.
1. no more pain
2. no more meds
3. to have a happy healthy childhood (and life of course)
4. Cure for IBD

Great thread BTW
Samantha, AKA Devynn's mom

Devynn (12 years old) was *unoficially* diagnosed with Crohn's disease in Dec 2009.
That diagnosis was changed to Ulcerative Colitis in Mar 2012.
Pentasa ASA Dec 2009-Mar 2012 (dosage tweaked a couple of times)
Mezavant Mar 2012- Nov 2012
Sulfasalazine-Nov 2012
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Clark-My wishes for you!
To laugh everday
No more pain
To stay in remission forever
To grow an develope normally
To always be able to out run mommy
To be happy and enjoy life everday as every sweet child should
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My WISHES for Grace

1 Happy
2 As healthy as possible
3 Go to Disney World
4 To get off EEN before the end of this year.
5 To be cured...of course.

Happy St. Patrics Day on the 17th one and all!
I'm mom to............... Little Farm Girl 9 yr old
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1. Live life free of IBD
2. Happiness
3. Travel anywhere & everywhere
4. Your dreams come true

Mom to Jack (18) dx Crohn's 2/2010
Remicade - started 1/9/14; 7.5ml/kg every 6 weeks
Past meds: Imuran/Azathioprine; allopurinol; methotrexate; LDN; Prednisone; Apriso; Pentasa; EEN

Husband dx Crohn's 3/1993
currently none due to liver issues
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1. Stay in remission forever. Failing that, a cure!

2. Happy and as healthy as can be.

3. Not to be defined by Crohn's.

4. To be functional and independent adults. A failing on my part if they aren't!

5. To be the best possible advocates they can possibly be for their own health.

Dusty. xxx
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Love this!
4 and 5, Dusty, are spot on.

I wish for Izz to be a confident, strong independent woman. I wish for her to share her story, proudly, so that others will hear and assist in supporting Crohns research and awareness. I wish for all of our children remission, and a cure.

I must confess...Izz was apprehensive about bloodwork today, as usual. She visited the loo in the lab, as usual. She complained that she wished she didn't need to get bloodwork anymore.

I found myself saying to her GI nurse..."It's as if she doesn't remember what life was like a year ago. She should be thankful".

But I was wrong.

She (none of our kids) shouldn't have to know the awfulness of IBD. I *do* wish for her to be thankful in life, in general. But I wish more fervently that no other children have to experience what we watch our children suffer through.
TY for setting me straight, poppets mom!
Angie, mom to Izzi,10 Crohn's Colitis 1/11 prednisone, entyvio since 2015 Tried: Tacrolimus, Bactrim, simponi, Levsin, Prevacid, Prednisilone, Humira, Remicade, EN via ng, vancomycin, Pentasa, carafate, Sulfasalazine, Cortifoam enemas, dietary changes, fish oil, VSL#3.
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Holding It Together
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1. I wish for a cure for all diseases, especially seizures, IBD, and food intolerances for my dear daughter.
2. I wish for true friends and self-acceptance for Jaedyn and all my children, and for peace among all the preteen and teenagers in the schools.
3. I wish for a stable economy for my daughter to grow up and be able to work and thrive.
4. I wish for my daughter to be able to do well in school (overcome her learning barriers) and learn to like school so that she will want to go on to college and achieve her goals of becoming a wildlife specialist or anything else she puts her mind to.
5. I wish for my daughter compassion for others as they go through challenges in life.
J's story:
*J, 18, Crohn's diagnosis 1-2013 (age13), intermittent NG feedings nightly.
Osteoporosis/osteopenia, Scoliosis, EDS, Asthma, Epilepsy, Hla B-27 positive, gluten intolerant, thrombophlebitis, c.diff, depression, anxiety, postural tachycardia/POTS and multiple food allergies.
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poppets mum
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Loving seeing the wishes, here's a few more
4. One of these medications or diets will work someday soon.
5. To travel to many different places when she is older.
6. To have the strength to keep going on, when things feel hopeless.
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My wish for my kids.
Don't let any illness live your life.
Be happy.
Mom/ Girl 19
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Prior Meds Asacol, Prednisone, nexium
Current meds.
Remicade since Nov. 2012
5000 Vit. D, Multi-Vitamins with Iron
Currently in REMISSION :dance

Mom/ 16 boy
Amplified musculoskeletal pain
Prior. Prednisone, sulfasadine,
Currently. Celebrex, gabapentin, amitriptyline.
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Wishes for Lucy - not to let crohns define the person she is and will become
- to get into remission before she starts school
- not be in pain every time she goes to the toilet
- to shine

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