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Ostomy appliances

Just wondering what bag and equipment you use?

My routine is just before bed I change my ileostomy bag I use the pelicanselect convex bags.
Clean with Luke warm water dry off measure the stoma to check the size of it.
And recently I've started to use the pelican skin protecters since them I have gone from changeing my bag 2ce a day 2 1ce a day.

I place the skin protecter on and make sure it's firmly stuck then I use hollies tee medical adhesive and spray the base plate 2 give extra adhesion wait till its tacky then apply over the skin protecter.

Could anyone give me tips how 2 get an extra 12-24 hours out of a bag ?
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We have a couple of "sticky" threads in the stoma subforum that address some of your questions. Definitely go check those out!
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