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Boswellia, Curcumin/Tumeric, L-Glutamine + Humira

I read a few sites saying these herbs that some say are beneficial to reducing inflammation might interfere with Humira.
Has anyone been told otherwise if a GI was asked?
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My GI is pretty sure in his mind herbs are useless in treating or helping with symptoms of crohn's. However my GP just recently told me to take, Tumeric, Ginger Root, Krill Oil and Garlic + probiotic. My GI's response was if you want to waste your money go for it. He didn't however mention anything about it affecting the Humira.

I have also taken Xtend and Monster Amino while on Humira, both containing L-Glutamine and never noticed a reduction in effectiveness of Humira.
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Yea I havent tried any herbal stuff. But reading this forum and a few others many seem to recommend them from studies done (though those studies are probably with high doses).
But Humira seems to state that herbs and some vitamins can limit its effect.
So wasn't sure if worth taking those even at low doses for the hell of it.
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if I am in a flare then garlic makes it worse. probiotics really help me and if I am not in a flare and I follow probiotics with garlic, it seems to not bother me and maybe even help some.

Tumeric has always helped in cooking, but for a supplement I take a meriva curcumin. It is suppose to be concentrated but for all I know that is just marketing. It does seem to help a little though.

I don't take krill oil but I take a really expensive fish oil that has high reviews on Amazon and iherb. I think it might be helping some too.

But of all those things, my probiotics are the best. I drink homemade kombucha, homemade coconut yogurt or kefir from yougermet starter, saurkraut, and white kimchi (no chili pepper). For pills the two single strains that helped me with Crohn's are lactobacillus acidolpholis and S. bourlardii. I also take other well reveiwed brands rotating them in and out. Probiotics and fermented foods need to be worked in slowly as they can make a person sicker at first. In the long run, it is a key to my success.
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I had read quite a bit about Curcumin/Tumeric on this site but had never acted on it.

When my sonís previous GI changed professions it was actually the new GI that recommended that he take Curcumin/Tumeric. My son isnít on Humira but is on Imuran.

Dusty. xxx
Mum of 2 kids with Crohn's.
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I take a lot of spices and herbs to maintain my remission and so far its been good...things I take are :
ginger - turmeric tea
raw holy basil leaves
raw neem leaves
bottle gourd
bael (sometimes)
carraway seeds (carrom seeds also known as bishops weeds)...this one is excellent if you are suffering from excessive gas.
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I started taking high doses of Boswellia about two months ago (I take 1200 mg three times per day with meals) and my fatigue and digestive problems have cleared up almost completely. I am a convert! I looked around on the forum to find out if anyone else was doing this, but I couldn't find anything . . . so glad there are more of us!

I had been taking Boswellia for six or nine months at a lower dose (500 mg one time per day), but it didn't seem to do anything at all - my colonoscopy showed worsening inflammation. Everything changed for me (praise God!) when I re-read the study that showed Boswellia being as effective as mesalamine (only without the side effects) - they used 1200 mg three times per day with meals. So I did the same and WOW! I feel truly transformed - I honestly didn't realize how sick I was until I started getting better. I noticed a difference overnight. I still don't eat my trigger foods (onions, coffee, watermelon, oatmeal, quinoa, and some others), and I still am gluten-free, but I am now a healthy person rather than a sick person. I also noticed that my joints don't hurt, my skin isn't as irritable (I got itchy rashes pretty regularly when I was sick), my mood is elevated (perky, even!), I want to have sex again finally, I HAVE to be active because I have energy! My dental hygienist told me Friday that she can tell I'm healthier just by looking at the state and color of my gums. Inflammation was causing problems all over my body and now it isn't. Boswellia has been an amazing miracle for me. Obviously, I can't say it will do that for everyone, but I do wish everyone would at least give it a try.

I also take L-Glutamine and turmeric/curcumin as per the same studies you found. I don't take any prescription medications except hormones to replace those I lost when my ovaries were removed (estrogen, testosterone) and thyroid hormone. I am working towards a plant-based diet with less sugar and refined foods. I don't seem to have trouble with most foods (other than my known triggers above) now that the inflammation is down.
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Keep in mind that l-glutamine is not an herb, it's an essential amino acid. You can get it a whole bunch of different ways. But I take it daily as a powder. It helps to heal the epithelial cells lining your digestive system. Aloe juice does almost the same thing (like aloe on a burn to speed healing), but also acts as a laxative. Not the best for a lot of us. L-glutamine will help your muscles bounce back if you are training, as well.

As for the GI insinuating herbals are a waste of money, keep in mind that these specialists are slicers and druggists. They work in the realm of chemistry, surgery and pharmacy, yet many have not taken more than one nutrition course. My GI actually told me that my diet didn't matter, after I expressed how sick drinking coffee makes me. Sick for weeks! His response, drink coffee and just take your meds. These people are experts at what they have studied, and they have not studied nutrition and herbals.

What? Oh, that's right. Med school has nothing to do with nutrition, or how to manage chronic disease. So just keep in mind that some things you will need to test out yourself. I have had a tremendous amount of success with supplements, when extraordinarily expensive drugs from pharmacy companies didn't work and only made me much sicker.

But that is a hard sell for many western doctors. If you're still having concerns, don't be afraid to visit a TCM or Ayurvedic medical practitioner. There are forms of medicine which have been around for a lot longer than 100 years - which is about as long as our modern surgery has had to become this science that we now all believe in no matter what. Except that it doesn't always work, and then we get "experts" sneering at other options.

I think that the more we can do with diet and prevention, the better!
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How about tincture of fenugreek and liquorice root for inflammation? Sour cherry? Tahini (the sesame seed have anti-inflammatory properties)?

These all help in place of an advil for swelling and inflammation, whether for joints or for intestines.
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I do wonder why BayAreaChronie in another thread said he was told not to take tumeric/curcumine while on biologics by his gi and 2nd opinion. Would love others to ask their gi about the same thing, I know I will when I can get ahold of her

I am on Remicade and use curcimin with pepperine, must say I have not noticed a decrease in remicades effect, nor do the calprotectin tests that I just had done notice activity in my disease. I do take them on and off, as they are a bit expensive, (for almost a year now) if I've been a bad boy and eaten something unhealthy I find it the best time to take a pill. But hey what do I know :- )
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hi what connection crohn disease and gluten?

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