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Cold/cough and on 6-MP

Going through first 'normal illness' since starting 6-MP and not sure what to do. Do we just ride it out as normal, or do we need to see anyone?

Joseph is not too bad in himself (although more tired than normal so off school) but full of deep cold and a very harsh cough, plus slight upset tummy. As there is no temp ATM I am assuming we carry on as normal and continue with the medication.

Any advice appreciated.

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Son Joseph diagnosed July 2012 (aged 10)
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2 weeks azathioprine - stopped after reaction
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We just gave our Gi the heads up and he told us what would warrant a call in.
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We skipped Alex's 6mp a couple of days while he had the flu, but I checked in with his GI first, just to get the OK.
Jennifer ~ son dx at age 8, Sep 2010
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Matt has a cold at present. He has only had one bad day so we continued on with the Imuran as usual.

As suggested, I would put a call into the GI and seek their guidance.

I hope your boy is soon on the mend, bless him.

Dusty. xxx
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Sarah has a cold and shingles at the moment and have continued with aza as normal. We have had a doctor visit mainy due to the need for a certificate for school.
Mother of Sarah dx aged 16, Jan 2012
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Currently no supplements.

Has previously taken Multi B, Caltrate, B12 & Iron

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Our GI said don't give 6mp with a fever or vomiting that it is okay to miss a day or two. But I would give a call to the GI nurse if he ends up having either of those symptoms.

I have found Johnny's illnesses run the same course they did before diagnosis. When he has a bad cold I give him Tylenol PM to help him sleep and to help with congestion too. It was okayed with our GI but you might want to check in with yours. I would call the nurse since it's Friday and ask what would warrant a trip to the DR. I hate having the weekend come and then things get worse and you are left wondering.

Hope he is feeling better soon. That first illness after starting these meds is a little scary, but you will get through it and then know what to expect. It gets lots easier. ((((Hugs))))
Mom of Johnny
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Just come back from GP. He has something on chest, she didn't think full on infection but close so hes's been given antibiotics. Not really what he wanted as tummy not been good but fingers crossed they won't make him any worse.

He was so upset earlier in week, as cough so bad he ending up with leakage from behind. Life is so unfair for our kids you just want them to have a break.

Anyway GP told me to contact IBD nurse just to check on what to do with the 6MP. He's not had a high temp so she thinks we'll probably carry on as normal. Just about to email now.

Thanks for all your support. First illness on these tabs and you just don't know how they are going to react. At least now we'll be sorted for the weekend. I totally agree with you Johnnysmum I hate not knowing what to do over a weekend.


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