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Some good news 1year after diagnosis

Hello to everyone! Just providing an update on my son since I haven't been up here in a long time. It has been a year since diagnosis and we just had a repeat scope done last week just to see if things have improved and so happy to say that his scope appeared markedly improved since last year!! Inflammatory markers are very low and iron levels are good!
...But his liver enzymes are slightly elevated and still showed some gastritis, which his doc says both may be attributed to a stomach virus that he and my other kids had the weekend before the scope?? Will recheck liver enzymes next week. Also I'm a little concerned that he's been on the Prilosec for a year but she is not concerned about that.
Anyway thanks to all of the support and knowledge I've received from this site! And thanks for reading my update.
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Thanks for the update . I'm glad everything's going good..
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Great news is so welcome!!!!!!


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Glad he is doing well Thank you for updating

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Glad to hear some good news.
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Thanks so much for the update Dearie.

It is wonderful to read that your lad has improved and I hope that all remains okay with his liver function levels. Good luck!

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Love to hear good news! H is happy to hear your son is doing well too!
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Thanks to everyone!
My son just had his liver enzymes redrawn & we are now waiting for results.
To momoftwinboys tell H we said thanks & hope to see you again this summer!

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Happy to hear good news! About the Prilosec it seems to me these doctors are a bit nonchalant about its possible downsides. I guess so many of these other drugs have worse side effects that they look at those as minimal in comparison. My daughter had been on it for four years and no one ever discussed the increased risk for osteoporosis especially as these kids are building their bone density currently. I brought it up with our doctor this year and she poo pooed it but I inisisted that we switch my daughter to zantac which does not have any of those possible side effects and she switched her and she is doing well.

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His labs came back fine. Liver enzymes back to normal limits!
Thanks for that information kimmidwife. I will ask his doctor and look into possibly stopping the Prilosec.
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Love to hear the good news and so happy that his liver enzymes are back to normal!
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