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View Poll Results: You have crohn's disease in the ileum. Did you own a cat or dog during or before your diagnosis.
Our household had a CAT before or during my diagnosis. 38 37.25%
Our household had a DOG before or during my diagnosis 52 50.98%
We had no pets. 12 11.76%
Voters: 102. You may not vote on this poll

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You did not give the option of both dog and cat. We had both when I was diagnosed. Now I just have a cat.
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I have had dogs my whole life. One of them was (she passed away) a poodle and she sometimes bled. My Yorkshire terrier is fine as far as I know and my shcnoodle has a very sensitive stomach. Like, we had to bring her to a kennel when my family went to New York. She came back so sick from the dog food there.
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We have had animals since before I was even born. Never lived a day in my life without one( cat and dog). I vote cat though since I more of a cat person. Lol currently have 5 cats, 3 dogs( my parents) and if you want to count the 10 hermit crabs, 7 rabbits, 13 ducks and about 35 chickens I live in a mini zoo. Lol!
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Interesting study. My family (for several generations back, sadly no longer) used to be farmers in the midwest, primarily corn/beans and hogs. A few years before I was born, they had a horrible sickness spread through the hog lots (awful bloody D, etc) and lost a good portion of the livestock to it. Not long after that, my mom first started getting really sick. She was eventually diagnosed with UC and tried to tell her doctors about the similarities between what she was experiencing and what she witnessed on the farm. They all thought she was nuts. Maybe she was onto something after all.
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We had a dog but outside dog . She was not sick and was gone four years before DS was dx.
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ok this is interesting to me. I didn't own one but used to years ago. but come in contact with them at relatives and friends alot. Does that matter?

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