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Hello, newbie with a question...

Hello all. My name is Scott. I am 32 years old and was diagnosed with Crohn's about 2 years ago. I have taken Asacol only, from then on, which has seemed to work very well for me. By the way, scanning through some of these threads has been really inspiring to me since I've found this place a couple days ago. Forgive me if I am not very knowledgeable about the disease that I now live with, but I just don't think I am, and this is why I've sought your help.

Anyway, I have always had one question that I just don't understand and to which my GI is very vague about, and it is probably a question that almost every person living with the disease knows but me: Are periods of diarrhea/loose stool just a run of the mill symptom of having this disease that could occur at any time despite the state of affairs of the intestines, or is it necessarily a sign of a flare up in the colon that needs addressing?

I do realize that everyone is different and that eating one thing or another, or stress can certainly cause this for short periods of time, but I'm talking 2-4 weeks long intervals of diarrhea multiple times a day that eventually subsides and reverts back to what I consider "normal," which is formed stool a couple of times a day. I must add that this is THE only symptom during and after these periods. I feel fine and dandy other than this! And this is what confuses me. There is absolutely no fever, weight loss, cramping, etc. as there was with my first and only flare up when I was initially diagnosed.

Obviously, the reason I ask this is because these periods have happened to me a few times and will clear up for a few months and then come back again and then clear up, etc.. I've always assumed that this is just part of my life now with Crohn's. Although, frustrating, I can deal with it if this is all it is, but I just wanted to see if my doctor and I not being overly concerned about it because of the absence of any other symptoms sounds right to everyone else. Thanks so much for any and all comments, advice, opinions all care to give.

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Welcome Aboard ... I am sure that you will make lots of friends and find the answers that your looking for !!
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Hay Scott, welcome to the forum. You know, I do have periods that my stool is up and down and I feel good. I think its just part of having crohns.
Come into the chatroom and ask some of your questions, the people in there are really cool and support me alot.
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Diarrhea by itself can be a symptom for many things which is probably why your GI doc is not ready to make a firm diagnosis. The problem as I see it is that everyone is different and responds to drugs different.

Like you I have only taken Asacol. I take (400mg) - 9 tabs a day. My symptoms during a flare are: A) eat food - any food. B) stomach starts churning almost immediately. C) Gas and diarrhea follow shortly thereafter.

When I am in remission, I can eat almost anything, then I think okay and slack off on taking the medicine. Then the symptoms return. I get better by getting back on the medicine, but it takes awhile.

Good luck to you
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Thanks so much for all welcome's and replies so far!
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I'm new here too. you are lucky you are on meds that work, with very little symptoms. I can tell u that every case is different. I hope u get well enough to come off your meds.
it's a very hard disease to deal with since things change so fast. one day u can eat and tolerate something, the next day --- forget it. maybe try keeping a log and then see if there's a pattern in your stools and frequency. log what you eat and see if maybe there's something u need to eliminate to make u go less. don't hesitate to ask anything. I've read a lot and found some interesting things, read some crazy experiences fellow crohnies have been thru and I feel for those people. my case has been very ruff. but I'm trying to do my best.

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