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Anyone doing/did the Insanity workout?

I'm seriously considering trying it or something similar (P90x) as I'm just sick of being out of shape, I eat to much junk, I still smoke after my GI pleaded with me to stop (basically being a stupid tosspot, also, I vow to give up those smokes, whether it drives me to the brink of ...... insanity ...... ). I put on a little bit more weight than I wanted, but now, after seeing a friend of mine who I hadn't in about 6 months, I could believe how ripped he was, he was always distinctly average and now he looks completely different.

I wanna know what it feels like to be "in shape", I mean, I don't nor expect to become a cardio machine, but losing some extra fat and putting on some muscle would be awesome, especially with summertime around the corner.

So, Crohnies & UC'ers, anyone the aforementioned programme or something similar?
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The insanity workout? No, I'm not that crazy. Not yet anyway. If you haven't done anything similar, I would recommend trying P90X, or just do a few workouts with Billy Banks on youtube and see how you do first, before you commit to total insanity.

Here, survive this:

yeah? Then survive this:

If you survived both, then you're ready to go for insanity.
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Im doing Georges st pierres rushfit dvds at the moment. I find a few of them very hard (eyes were all blurry afterwards) and the rest just hard lol. Im in no ways the best of shape but wouldnt say I was out of shape either (I regularly go for 2-4mile runs).

The main parts are great and varied, but the 10mn warm up and cool down are the same for each dvd (warm ups are still great but I feel the cool down stretches could be much better).

I do find that I have to control how much I put in to it though, as too much and it plays my stomach up (bloating and D). I would rather manage 2 sessions per week and still feel good than 1 session and be having to go to the toilet all the time (like I am now.. 4 days and im still aching like hell as well)
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I've see George St. Pierre's furry self-defense training video below, but not certain how it relates:


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