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Proctitis without diarrhea?

Hi. My name is Giovanni. For 4 months I have been treated as if I had IBS (and I have been ignorant enough to believe it).

It all started in november 20 with what I remember as the most painful day in my life. I woke up early in order to go to college, but as soon as I went to the bathroom something really bad happened.

Right after passing stool, I started feeling a very intense burning sensation in all the area below my navel. The pain was so big that I also felt my lower back immersed in the same burning sensation.

I knew that kind of feeling, it happened to me previously when I was 12, 18 and 19. But this time it was worse. After half hour, the pain started to become bigger, and then bigger and bigger. I took a couple pills of pinaverium bromide but the pain did not dissapear. The pain continued becoming worse and worse to the point that I was sweating and I could not really move. The hell continued for 6 hours until I could finally move.

When I went to the doctor the first diagnosis was an ulcer produced by a fecalyte; the treatment was laxatives. Since it did not work and I continued feeling cramps AND burning sensation in the same area, I went to other doctos. One said I had IBS and gave me trimebutine and diazepam. Other said it was pseudomembranous colitis so I had metronidazole.

All that time (3 months) I was able to bear the pain, but 3 weeks ago I started having a bigger burning sensation in the area of my rectum. I have had blood tests, coprological tests and urine tests (they all say I am perfectly healthy). I don't have any other symptom than intense pain in my lower abdomen: I don't have diarrhea and I don't have blood in my stools.

During those 3 months I have tried to have the best possible diet: I don't eat dairy products, I don't eat gluten, I don't eat fruit high in fructane. Basically I only eat chicken, rice, fruits and boiled vegetables, but the diet treatment is useless to stop my pain.

Recently a doctor told me that I should take Sulfasalazine while I get my colonoscopy done. Since I go to a government hospital, that is going to take a couple months. I am scared of taking the Sulfasalazine because I am aware of it's really dangerous nature, but I am also scared of having another intense pain attack like the one I had in november 20.

I have tried butilescopolamide with metamizol, sublingual ketorolac, and acetaminophen, but no NSAI is able to control my pain.

My main symptom is proctitis (in the X rays my rectum is all distended) and constant burning and cramping pain in my lower abdomen. I am now aware that IBS does not cause proctitis, however, I don't have diarrhea nor bloodly stools (two necessary conditions to be classified as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis).

Do you guys think I might have an IBD? If not, what kind of disease causes excessively painful and chronic proctitis ?

Sorry for my bad english, I'm mexican.
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Hey There,

I am kind of in the same boat, I don't have a diagnosis either. I am going this Friday for a colonoscopy. I also am being told IBS. I think you getting a colonoscopy will be good, I mean maybe in getting a diagnosis at least or to rule stuff out. I also get that burning sensation in my rectum too! I will go to the bathroom and when I am done for hours I will feel this burning sensation in there. I also get A lot of intestinal pain and cramping.

I am not sure what else can cause these issues. I mean I guess the best step would be the colonosocopy so they can take biopsies to see if they come up with anything. One thing I have learned with being chronically sick for the last 9 years is that doctors do not seem to know a lot. I mean all they can do is tests and biopsies and see what they come up with. Sometimes they don't even have an answer.

Your diet seem pretty good. One thing I found that was easier for me is that when I eat fruit I usually put it in the blender with some cold water and rice milk( I usually use a part of an apple, half of a pear and a few slices of banana and some avocado). I blend it until it is liquidy. It is easier to digest that way. Try and make sure you chew your food like really well, until it is like mush in your mouth. I do this and find it makes it easier to digest stuff. Also when you eat your vegetables, make sure they are cooked really soft..

I hope you get some answers real soon.. Oh, one other thing that I found that helps me with pain a bit is a heating pad placed on my abdomen.
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I have been diagnosed with crohn's and my last colonoscopy showed proctitis that I was not even aware of. I never have diarrhea, I am always constipated, so that is not necessarily a requirement to have proctitis or IBD. Hopefully you can hold out for the colonoscopy and get some more answers. I am sorry that you are going through all of this and I hope the best for you.
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I have a proctitis too,and no diarrhea. Just blood sometimes (i have lots of fissures too, so blood can be from them too) and lower back pain. My pain isn't even that bad, i haven't take any pain meds to it. And my rectum is very badly inflammed. So yea, it can be possible.
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Ihurt, MichelleinKansas and Jimena, thank you very much for answering my post. I really wish I could have a colonoscopy right now (after all, if I hate rectal scars that would be the final evidence to be treated correctly). Sadly I don't have the money for a colonoscopy and in the governments hospital's my colonoscopy will take 60 days.

What can I do while I wait? Does any analgesic work for you? I really wish I had morphine, but as you may imagine, even in Mexico it is a very controlled drug. The strongest thing I can buy without a prescription is Tramadol, that is an opioid, but I am not sure if it will be able to help me (after all, even in pharmacology books it is only indicated for mild to mild severe pain, but it does not specifies which kind of pain).

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